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According to the Samsung website the Ice Cream Sandwich update for one of the most popular Android handsets out there will be available for the Galaxy S II via Kies 2.0 from tomorrow. You will have to make sure you are using the Kies 2.0 software as according to the FAQ, 1.5 does not support upgrading to ICS. from the FAQ, they advise that the ICS upgrade will include : Face Unlock and Android Beam but Bluetooth 3.0 HS will not be supported in ICS, however Bluetooth 3.0 will be and Adobe Flash will also not be supported although i`m not sure on this particular point as Flash has been updated to support the stock ICS browser a while ago, so perhaps this is just the Touchwiz flavoured implementation of Ice Cream Sandwich.

According to TheVerge an OTA update will be made available, most likely this will be done via carriers i’m trying to get comment from the carriers but for early adopters apparently the update will appear from tomorrow through Kies 2.0. So I know what i’ll be doing tomorrow although it may not appear till later in the day due to timezone differences.

Telstra has advised that they have the OTA Update still in testing aiming at a release in early April, they`ve also advised to keep an eye on their software update blog for more information.

Optus has advised that they are currently testing the software and to keep an eye on their update page for further information, the current info on ICS for SGS II says ‘4.0 – Testing – Early 2012’.

Vodafone have advised to monitor their software update blog , which currently lists the update as ‘Currently in testing’.


Samsung has now advised by their twitter feed that the March 10 date given was an error from their Filipino website.
The Tweet and the Google Translate translation :

So unfortunately we`re back to waiting on carriers for the ICS update. Samsung has advised they will update when ICS is available via their Twitter feed.

Source: Samsung WebsiteTheVerge.
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Grrrrrrr… galaxy s2 want this update so bad. I got kies running and everything on the 28 march just to get this only to realise it has yet to be released.


Looks like Optus have changed to early april. It would be nice if they’d give an actual date. =


I have a Mobicity SGS2 bought in the very first batch from UK. When do you think the update is likely to roll out? As the UK is getting it on the 19th. Mines is unbranded and model number is: GT-I9100


And so it begins, the official SGS2 firmware has been released for parts of Europe.


you really need to research your article materials a little more thoroughly.  hasn’t and likely will not happen for months, if at all.

android OS fragmentation will probably all see us throwing our android phones into the bin sooner rather than later.

Matt Booth

 Research materials more thoroughly?? More like Samsung need to manage their communications! They posted it to their website then later recalled it, with a brief explanation via twitter. See here http://www.engadget.com/2012/03/08/samsung-galaxy-s-ii-ics/

Shannon Lang

Telstra’s ICS ROM should be released at the end of April according to David, bottom of this page:


I’ve been naggin Telstra for yonks about updates with their SGS2s for a bit (I’m Whip Cracker) but should be good!


Samsung must make a agreement with all its carriers that update must be released to public within specific time after the update is received from Samsung.

Alex D

Samsung have noted that it was an accident that one of the their website stated it would be available for download today 🙁
We shall now have to wait for the stupid telcos to pass it (damn it!!)

Satwik Kamath

life sucks 🙁  I was soooo gee’d for this.. fml.

Alex D

anything with another number at the end of the (i.e GT-I9100G or GT-I9100XX) then those phones will have to wait until the carrier (Optus, Vodafone, Virgin, Telstra) says update it ok!

Alex D

Just to confirm, it seems its for any Samsung Galaxy S2 with the model number GT-I9100 as thats the international version update only


sweet, that’s my version, I ordered mine from Expansys, so I figured I’d be fine for the international version.


Great! But no flash support? I thought adobe had made an ice cream sandwich version…why would touching interfere with that?


The good folks at WHAT?!? I meant Mobicity!!!


So what’s the deal for those who bought those without bloatware all over them? I bought mine from the good folks at Monocotyledons, will OTA updates be available or do we need to use Lies.

It would be AWESOME if Ausdroid did a noon How To article; just a thought.


 Choice 1. Wait until the carriers release their bloatware versions. As per my links earlier they are testing but who knows when they will actually release the update. Somehwere over the rainbow the update will be available and you might be lucky to find it or be notified by places like Ausdroid. Choice 2. Samfirmware or XDA. The generic international version of the firmware will be made avaialble and you can download that and flash your phone. If you do this it will require a factory reset etc. XDA contains lots of good information for doing this, you should really… Read more »

Mehrad ArashRad

 Hey Chris, You have explained it for the phones with carrier dependencies. My question is, I have my phone outright from Kogan with the prepaid Telstra SIM. What is your recommended approach for updating my GSII to ICS. The backup is a big issue since Kies doesn’t finish his backup and crashes and even if it does it’s not a reliable one. Do I need to root my device and back it up using Titanioum before I go for ICS you reckon ? ( I haven’t rooted my phone so far, then please correct me if what I said doesn’t… Read more »


 Kogan is a grey marketer, in other words they import the phone from an OS supplier like Mobicity. Probably came from Korea. Kies is a known nightmare, never use it for anything else other than backup and firmware update. It really is that bad. For me I added a folder of music, it used over 3gb of RAM just trying to index the folder and then crashed the system. Samsung should fire the entire team who deal with Kies. If you are doing a manual upgrade you need to do the below. AgainC XDA has all of this. 1. Backup… Read more »

Mehrad Arashrad

Thanks man, for your time and everything.


Great reply, thank you very much.

Only issue of course, is that if I had a problem (*in the unlikely event!), I’d want to flash the ROM back on that I have now which is free of all the Carrier BS.

Do you know where I could download the generic vanilla ROM from?

I’m a total noob to this. Used to be a bit of a Wizard at Jailbreaking… but then I pulled my head out of my arse and got an Android.

Thanks again 


 check out XDA, go to the Galaxy s 2 device in the forums. There you will find a thread with every carrier specific firmware listed, how to flash it etc. Everything you need.

Satwik Kamath

what happens if you have a custom rom? do you have to factory reset it or something? or do i flash back to the official gingerbread rom? Sorry im abit of a noob 🙂 please help me!


 If you’re a noob why did you flash it without first looking at restoring back to where it was ?
Noob does not mean too lazy to look it up for myself, Noob means take the time to research and find out for yourself seeing it is all well documented.

Satwik Kamath

hey tool.. first of all, my friend did it for me because he told me it would help my phone, second of all i didnt ask for your opinion- just some help, so stfu. thank you.


 Aww poor you. I am happy to help, just not happy to help people like you who are not willing to help themselves.
Explain yourself first don’t ask the world to fix things for you because you are too lazy. Why didn’t you ask your friend ?

Your ignorance is blinding.

Toby Munro

Got sick of waiting and bored of GB (have run Lightning, Omega, Revo, Check over the last year) so decided to try SpikeICS SE. It is working amazingly considering how much I had heard about ICS beta builds being unstable and unusable for everyday usage, although have had a couple acore crashes. ICS is great, albeit very similar to GB. The best thing about SpikeICS is that it is pure AOSP goodness, none of the TW crap. So basically its like running CM9 (which is also ICS if you are keen to try that). If you have a nandroid backup, have backup stock… Read more »


I’ve been running ICS leaked rom on mine for ages and it’s pretty good.
Anyone know when the official release of ICS on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be released?


So if I have an Optus branded phone, can I still download this?

Alex D

Depends if you have the optus skinned version or not. So the pre-loaded optus crap like call buddy, optus now, etc


I also have carrier software free version from mobicity and am hoping for a quick OTA update.Let you know when it happens 🙂

Alex D

It looks like my Galaxy S II from Dodo might be able to be upgraded to ICS (4.0) because it didn’t come with any pre-loaded with carrier crap!! Will let you guys know tomorrow though how I go (fingers crossed)

Nick Fletcher

I’m more concerned with when Samsung will release the kernel source code!  i want sweet custom kernels.  I know they’re obligated under GPL to release it, but when’s the last time they did it on time?  i dunno.

Julian Pinget

the update will be supporting android beam? is that a mistake or is that aimed at the minority that got the extremely rare revision with optional NFC? 


Excellent point, I believe the T-Mobile and AT&T versions in the US have the NFC chip, but it has always been disabled so perhaps this update will enable it, for everyone else though not very useful


One thing that should be noted, the notification from the Samsung website is the Philippine website. When you change the /ph/ to /au/ for Australia, the page loads, but the ICS update notification disappears. So I’m not sure if it’s just a region specific update, or if the Australian site is just slow to update.

I hope it’s a full-blown international release though.


Hopefully a full-blown international release, only one way to find out, i’ll be hooking the wife`s SGS II up and attempting it tomorrow.


 Nope sorry.
you forget the carrier side of things
If you don’t have a bloatware local device then you might get the update tomorrow.
If you do have a local device then no chance.


That sux. I have an optus phone with all the apps pre-loaded and the optus logo plays when I turn it off or on. I’m guessing I’m no chance of an update tomorrow.

Daon’t even get me started on how much I can’t stand Optus right now. 9 weeks to get my phone fixed and I had to fight to get them to replace it after returning it faulty 4 times….


 I didn’t bother going back to Optus with mine, took it direct to the repairs shop and it was fixed and returned in 2 days. https://fonebiz.com.au/contact_us.aspx    if the phone is under warranty they fix it, even courier it back to you.

Optus data is nearly non existant these days, Optus is now worse than Vodafone. 3 is better than both Voda and Optus which is very sad to say.


Wow. I wish I knew that earlier. What a painful experience. EVERYONE at Optus showed incompetence throughout. They really need to sort themselves out. I may just take it to a repairer (like fone biz) and ask them to root it/flash it (I have no idea what the difference is, just want to get rid of bloatware) and they can update it to ICS on Sunday.


Do you know what time it’s available?


 Yes, hair past a freckle