It’s real, ladies and gentlemen. The Samsung Galaxy S II 4G will be launching exclusively on Telstra on the 27th of March. We’d previously reported that dummy models of the device were being shipped into Telstra stores, but now we have a confirmed released date. The picture above — sent in via our trusty source — also shows pricing of $0 on Telstra’s $79 Cap which will include 2GB of data, $800 cap credit and unlimited national texts. This is the same pricing as the HTC Velocity 4G, however, we’ve been told that the pricing for that device is expected to drop in the next few weeks.

The design of the device appears to be slightly different to that of the normal Galaxy S II. Instead of the sharpish corners, it’s more of a rounded device and may include a larger battery to power the 4G (LTE) modem for a little longer than average. All will be confirmed by Telstra once they get official with the device.

It also looks as though it’ll be launching with Gingerbread as its operating system of choice. Considering Telstra are already testing Android 4.0 ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ for the Galaxy S II, we imagine this device will also be receiving that update in the near future as well.

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Got me the Galaxy S2 4G today from Telstra Shop. Happen to walk in as they were getting delivered.

Samsung GT-i9210T is the model. Awesome phone. Same size as S2 but small home button to allow for 4.5″ Screen, and 1.5GHZ Dual Core. Very Happy, oh yeah… and GREAT speeds!




Buzz Moody

We haven’t been able to confirm whether or not it’s HD or if the screen is the larger 4.5-inch version. Also can’t confirm on NFC — specs haven’t been sent to us.


Does anyone know if this is the HD version at all… if I woder why Telstra bothered to releases it with the SIII i the works. Also there is a post on Gizmodo speculating that the HTC Titan II will also be released on the same day.. a double header. Does anyone know if theres any truth in that, and if so which phone do you think will be better?

Buzz Moody

I can confirm Telstra are going to launch the HTC Titan 4G – but since that’s a windows phone it has very little meaning for us. 


 Yes I too have an SII and yes I do love it but hey they’ve got to stop stretching this phone. Just release the SIII already..


WHY!!!???? Isn’t the SGSIII just around the corner in a few months? Why would samsung bother creating this!? Couldn’t we just waited another month or two for the SGSIII release in both HSPA+ and LTE versions?

Buzz Moody

I’m thinking the Galaxy S II 4G has been in the pipeline for a while. The Galaxy S II has been a very successful phone for all the carriers.

Mike Tran

Telstra (LTE) devices are going to be pretty much like AT&T devices in regards to having pretty much no or very little community support just simply due to their lack of numbers compared to the normal HSPA+/International models. So if you bother with a Telstra LTE then you won’t be playing with leaked roms/mods and be at mercy of Telstra to update, The Telstra SGSII 4G is pretty much the same as the AT&T Skyrocket which has a non existent community but will be even more exclusive as Telstra uses 1700mhz for LTE. Just sayin’


Just sayin…. Its 1800mhz for LTE

Mike Tran

 opps my bad on the freq, So many LTE freq’s out there (43) that I forget which ones what telco uses now

Frank Benign



 ^^ + 1


Still a very high premium to pay for CBD-only 4G.


Not necessarily


Have you seen the 3G speeds in Melbourne CBD??? They are total crap, so in that case, a 4G phone would be worth the money!


 I totally agree and your spot on. The speeds today on my SII at the GP were almost at a halt..


 You’re* 😛

Buzz Moody

If it were to launch with DC HSPA+, then it’d be a really great device.


Nice work Ausdroid

Buzz Moody

Thank you, and thank you to our sources 🙂

Geoff Fieldew

My goodness they’re stretching out the life of this phone. It’s a great phone but once again, no ICS.

Richard L. Taylor

It has the same screen resolution as the S II 3G model but a larger screen – 480 x 800 pixels, 4.5 inches (~207 ppi pixel density). This isn’t the HD LTE version available in Korea as that doesn’t exist in a model that will work on Telstra”s LTE network.

Any word on outright pricing? Am guessing around the $800 mark is it’s the same as the Velocity

Matt Booth

Awesome, a viable alternative to the HTC Velocity. Well done Telstra!