Looks like it didn`t take much, Optus now also have the HTC One X up on their page, this time for pre-order. They are promising delivery on the 2nd of April to Metro customers and 4th of April for Regional areas. Optus have matched the pricing scheme for the Virgin launch(No surprises there) offering the One X for $0 on the $59 plan or $0 on the $79 plan with 2 months of free access. If you really want this handset though and you`re willing to make handset repayments they also have a bunch of other options as well on lower plans.

Just waiting on Vodafone and Telstra to see if they will carry this phone, although Telstra may be tempted to carry the HTC One XL LTE version which has the Dual-Core Snapdragon S4 processor as opposed to the Quad-Core Tegra 3 of the One X. So over to you guys, are you tempted by the Optus/Virgin deals for the One X or are you holding out to see if Telstra launch a 4G HTC One XL, or dare I say it – a Vodafone launched HTC One X?

Source: Optus.
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Frank Benign

+ Nice screen (most likely an IPS one from LG). 
+ Light for a HTC.
– Not 4G.
– Not enough battery (but bigger than usual for HTC?)
– What’s this beats crap?


They just made it 10x harder to wait for the SG3. on paper what does the SG3 have? ok kick ass processor, but i like hte LV 5th core. battery is king.

3 weeks away? i cannot wait to abandon my Nokia but i will wait to see how well the battery lasts.


It will have a Super AMOLED HD Plus display. Tegra is not a good processor for many reasons but the main one is its a very closed platform. Making very hard for devs to make apps and roms.
And if Samsung use their A15 chip (Tegra is the last gen) the battery well more than likely out last everything else


Thanks for the info I might just keep waiting then.

as iam a noobroid, does that mean that a lot of the apps wont actually work on a tegra?


most apps will work but there may be bugs but most games need to be optimised for tegra look up THD games

Martin Dolan

Telstra wont have the One X  They will have the One XL – Its 4G (If you can get a 4G signal) however its also 16gb, dual core  – not 32gb quad core.

You are better off getting the Optus version and using it on the Telstra network. (it does all the 3g, hsdpa+ frequency’s on both networks)
Well, that’s my advice anyway


Why would you get the One X from Optus when you can get the One XL??

Only reason I see is 16gb not being enough memory, otherwise the XL is the only way to go.

Martin Dolan

Lets set aside the fact that the X has 32gb and the XL has 16gb for a moment
The X is quad core + a powerrsaving 5th core.
The XL is a dual core, no powersaving stripped down extra core, and also a 4G antenna that will suck battery like nobody’s businessesI am also assuming the X runs faster being quad core, compaired to the XL with Dual core, or am I missing something?



The XL is based on the Snapdragon S4, a dual core 28mb SoC which means it’ll use LESS power than the 40nm Tegra 3. 5th companion core is just a sloppy attempt to save battery due to the 40nm silicon while other SoC’s are doing the smart thing and decreasing the die shrink. Yeah the MSM8960 has a 4G radio, but being built into the SoC will consume much less power than other chipsets that have the 4G radio separate (in other 4G devices). The only way the Tegra 3 will win in battery is if the Qualcomm S4 is going… Read more »

Dara Ing

im just waiting on telstra to make there move.. im on vodafone now.. and have the worst reception non to man!! drop outs 3-4 times a day.. and internet is tragic even around the city!!


 Yes totally agree.  Went to 1.5 hrs out of Melbourne and couldn’t talk to anyone for 2 days! Just hopeless.  When I signed up with them last year, they said that at a conference, it was estimated that they will match telstra’s coveredge within a year on the land but wouldn’t touch them on the sea.  What a load of crap.  Lucky I got the $45 infinite plan so it’s saved me a crap load on calls.  Going on the net is another story!

Gambit smith

I am not way a supporter of Telstra, but facts alone, state, if you have a smartfone, it is useless on a slow network. So until Optus gets some kind of speed increase and coverage. Telstra it is

Dara Ing

much agreed.. whats the point of getting a phone that has this much high end hardward and not being able to fully utilise on a good network!! point less!!