Back in February we brought you the news that Sony’s first smartphone – so dubbed because they’ve dropped the SonyEricsson moniker – would be released in our Autumn.

We now have news that it’ll be in around two weeks – that is, from 11 April, the Sony Xperia S will be available from Vodafone and Crazy Johns, and shortly thereafter it’ll be available via Optus, and also for outright purchase from retailers including JB HiFi, Dick Smith Electronics, Allphones, Telechoice and Harvey Norman.

This both confirms and follows hot on the tail of the rumour that Optus will likely have the device in mid April.

So folks, what do you think – will you give Sony’s first solo smartphone a go?

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I have it on good authority that the Xperia S will also be available outright from Sony Centre stores.  

Dara Ing

still no news about telstra ausdroid??? maybe they will lead the race and release it first!! like they did with nexus where they were the last to announce there release date but ended up being the first ones to release it..

well thats probably more hopeful thinking than anything!!

Stuart Beeby

I hope so! But JB Hi-Fi are releasing it there and they are Telstra dealers. I’ve got my eye on them until Telstra makes an announcement. 😉

Dara Ing

yeh JB’s only selling them outright… so its not through a network!!

Stuart Beeby

Hmmm… hope it’s not the only option… I spoke to a staff member at JB Hi-Fi in Eastland yesterday and although they hadn’t heard of when it’s due they said they couldn’t see why it wouldn’t be offered on a plan… but I guess if they’re offering it on a plan then Telstra must have plans to do the same as well… it’s all just speculation at the moment I guess… hope that Telstra release it on a plan… :/

Stuart Beeby

What about Telstra?


Yes, I had heard $555 from Dick Smith but seemed so low I thought it was their cost price :-/

Anyway of getting it unbranded? If it doesn’t launch with Virgin then that is a bit of a worry unless Sony themselves release it. (Or do Dick Smith sell unbranded devices?)


I’ll be looking at this one when it comes out.


be looking at it closely 

Damon Lewis

It looks very attractive for $0 on the $49 cap (According to one of the previous news articles).


 dicksmith also comes with a free mdr-zx300 headphone in the package and their outright phones