It turns out the previous speculated release date of the Samsung Galaxy Note was wrong, but close. We’ve got solid sources that have just given us the release date of April 24th, as well as pricing:

  • $20 on $59
  • $10 on $79
  • $0 on $99
  • $0 on $129
  • Outright: $864

As we assumed, you will be forking out more to get the Galaxy Note on Telstra than any of the other carriers, all of whom are asking for $0 on $79 or less. There also won’t be any 4G, so there’s no real reasoning behind the price hike.

Will you be hitting up Telstra for one? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Anonymii.
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I also have contacted Telstra several times in the last week & no one knows in their mob ph sales anything about the Samsung Galaxy Note being released NOR if it is 4G compatible!! Their answer was whatever is showing on their website is available & if it does become available, it will be on their website!! WTF??!! Spoke to my local Telstra shop & they tell me they are expecting handsets in on Tues 24 April 2012!! :-/ I am swapping after only getting an Iphone 4 (3G) in Oct 2011, as we live 2kms from town centre-perfect views… Read more »

Michael Vesic0

Spot on Andy, I spoke to Telstra only yesterday & the consultant knew nothing, was most vague & unhelfulp  so they will certainly not get my custom……………will purchase elsewhere although I have been a faithful Telstra customer for some 30 years.


Far too expensive with Telstra………….other providers are doing better deals.


Bought mine from Kogan for $519 a few weeks ago. Have a prepaid Telstra SIM in it & love it


Geez, I waited THAT long for Telstra to release this awesome phone and THAT is the price point they are selling it at?  Extremely disappointed!  I’m buying one outright from Kogan and using my existing SIM. Talk about rip off merchants!  Not happy, Telstra!  Maybe I should migrate all my other services to another provider too.  Sick and tired of being ripped off like this.


Samsung Galaxy note on Tel$tra?
Forget it.
Too expensive and too late.


Telstra 24×7 Hi Susan, I can confirm that this information is correct as per the media release, including the pricing listed. This effectively means that the price you will pay for the handset is $240 over the 24 month contract, when you consider the f…ull price of new smartphones, it seems pretty reasonable to me. Regards, Jesse in Adelaide Telstra Digital Sales and Service

Andy P

I just finished an interesting conversation with a Telstra consultant over online they have no clue on release date or how much it will cost or nothing about it being either 3G or 4G! It’s a rip off $864 outright, for what reason? Especially when Kogan and other websites have it for just over $519. 

Thanet Stk

No 4G no buy simple


is that before the Member credits? i.e. Member Credit Amounts – Freedom Connect Plans$49 Plan – $10 Monthly Member Credit $59 Plan – $15 Monthly Member Credit $79 Plan – $20 Monthly Member Credit $99 Plan – $25 Monthly Member Credit $129 Plan – $30 Monthly Member Credit
Making it $5 on a $59 plan for 24 months..Same as the Galaxy S II 4GThat is much more palatable..


Asked the Telstra shop guy today and he said they were flat rates according to what he could see on the computer, it’s just crazy, especially when you consider these have been around overseas at least for nearly 12 months and the new Samsung Galaxy S3 is being launched internationally 2 days after Telstra is supposed to be making this available, just crazy.


Nope. .waiting for my $540 (with delivery) Kogan one to arrive. And no locked in contracts. 

Andy P

Hey mate! 
Did you end up getting your Galaxy Note from Kogan? if so how is it?


I certainly did! Its pretty bloody amazing I have to admit. Had it for 4 days now and i literally cant put it down. 

I went from being the worst, to a reasonably good draw something player and the screen is absolutely gorgeous. 

Although i’m keen to get ICS running on here, hopefully CM9 will be released soon, although the official Samsung iCS implementation looks pretty goddamn sweet too. 

Either way, havent even picked up my old SGSII since. Thought i might revert back for nights out etc, but not so far. 


Hey mate what came in the box


i got one online months ago using it on telstra, those prices look pretty slimedog, but if i could overcharge the australian public for something and they still bought it like they will here i would do the same thing.


Noticed this morning at the AllPhones kiosk at our local shopping center, Gallaxy Note $34 inclusive!!!!!!


I was going to… but for that price i need to think about it now. 

it should be illegal to do this shit.

Brett Beefy G Ryan

It’s a 6 month old phone! Why would anyone pay these prices for old tech? I’ll either hold out for the S3 or the Note 2 or the One X if Telstra ever wants to release it (stuff the XL, I want quad core…)


Too little too late. Got tired of waiting. Bought one from Kogan and loving it so far. Better luck next time Telstra.


You can get it outright at places like Allphones for $700+ and it’s Australian stock.  Telstra, has been and always will be a the big rip off – you know what they say about leopards and cheaters.


I’ll get it on $99 a month. I’ve been waiting for it on Telstra for way to long!


No already gave up on telstra way too expensive even if I purchase on company account


I think ill wait a few months for this and hopefully the price will go down. Considering this is not really a new phone and has been available via grey imports for awhile i dont think its worth the extra 20 a month


Definitely buying a 4g version. If telstra thinks I’m going to buy galaxy S2 to get 4g they’re dreaming.


Er the 4G version is not compatible with our networks… never will be either unless samsung bring out a NEW 4G one that IS compatible with the rest of the world (current only works in USA)


If it was the 4G Vers You’d expect Telstra to price gouge to this extent, but for plan Jane 3G version that is on Kogan for just over $500, they are dreaming, They must be going to target corporate customers were price is irrelevant because “Works paying for it” 

Matt Booth

As Samsung stated at the launch, this is the exact same version as offered by Vodafone and Optus. Best bet is to buy outright from Kogan for around $500 and use on Telstra prepaid


Already have one on Telstra… and love it to bits!


No LTE /4G = not buying from Telstra


Nope No-Way not without 4g. You might as well go for any carrier thats got a cheaper deal like Voda or optus….


And get poor coverage… good reasoning….


Glad I didn’t wait, so much more expensive compared to Optus or voda. Having said that Optus has stuffed me around for 2 weeks and no note to date 🙁


Hahahaah my one just sent back to warranty……burst the speaker after one hr of music….but still missed them.


Optus has one for $59 plus 2Gb. saw catalog last week.

Vijay Alapati

will they enable NFC??? and also will there be a 32gb version?


From what i have read you are able to buy batteries which have the NFC chip built into it same thing as the Galaxy Nexus. ill look around for the link, i Also pick my Galaxy Note up from Crazy Johns Free on the $55 plan with a bonus $50 gift card which i bought a nice case and screen protector for it.  


No but I’ll be flashing their firmware to see how it performs at least!


Was waiting for Telstra, but now considering other carriers now! But of a rip off…. And late!

Colin Richardson

No way, I need a “Next G” enabled phone anyway and I’m hoping the HTC One X will be available on that network.


My note has 4G just Australia is poo and  i’m in Canberra the only 4G coverage is in the city on 1 tower 🙁

Get international version Galaxy Note 


Thought you wrote 4G not NextG lol my bad 


On a previous item about the Note and Telstra on here I predicted this, just outrageous. I’ll speak with the buy on line people when it’s officially in the works. They did this with the release of the HTC HD2 which is my current phone and talking over the phone with one of there people I go a much much cheaper deal. I;’ve been waiting a month since the HD2 came off contract so I’ll be doing some heavy talking or moving my business.


$864 !!!!!  Kogan sell them for $519 and most Ebay outlets have them for $600 or less delivered.  I think I will also wait for the LTE with GBS  

Geoff Fieldew

Buy from (unnamed) for $519 with 12mth warranty. Put in Telstra sim. Be free!


NO…Expensive and GB OS… plus its cheaper outwright from many online oz sellers

Benjamin lawrance

Absolute bollocks the amount they’re gonna be charging, I was thinking I’d go with Telstra but if this is the definite price I’m goin with a different carrier

Zaki M

+1.. waited for nothing..


I’ll wait till they release the LTE version worth ICS.


Typical Telstra, hiking up the price like that. I mean it’s a great phone but $0 on a $99 plan? Screw that!!


OMG, was waiting for Telstra to announce the Note with 4g, but this news and pricing for a non 4g is outrageous.