While the initial Android 4.0.3 “Ice Cream Sandwich” update for the Samsung Galaxy S II on Optus may have only been for a select amount of users, going by the amount of people telling up Ice Cream Sandwich is now available for them, we can confirm it’s now available for everyone.

To update your device you will have to connect your Galaxy S II to your computer and run Samsung Kies. If it says your device is up to date, but you’re clearly running Android 2.3, just give it a day or so to sort itself out and try again. If it does start downloading the update, get all excited and leave a comment below telling us how good your life is right now.

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OK so after doing an update via Kies I just get a bootloop. Awesome…


I got my Galaxy S2 from Optus this week (Monday 3rd Sept ’12) , and it already had Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 installed as its op system. HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY !!!!!!


Has anyone had any problems since the upgrade that their phone goes black and you cant get back into it without removing the battery and then replacing it after about 2 minutes so it will work again???
I have formatted the phone and everything i can think of but now it happens at least once a day.
any help appreciated.


how good it is???
this is the worst and slowest thing i have now has since the old nokia 3110 actually i wish i had that now.. they had better come out with some bug fixes in the next day or so. My emails dont sync, the phone runs slow, the social hub doesnt work, the battery goes flat, it closes apps and the phone is permanantly red hot


Useless update when my emails come through they now rarely show on home screen before I never had any trouble.


I upgraded the other day and now I am having trouble with Google Play giving error 500 messages on updates and installs and IM drops out all the time.


So many steps backward with this upgrade to ICS.
1. Gallery doesn’t auto rotate photos, have to press a little button.
2. screen shot is over complicated, have to hold home button, lock button and volume down button for 1.5 secs.
3. Share via feature is over complicated, not just as simple as sharing straight from the picture your looking at anymore.
4. Contacts don’t show up as a tab in the phone section.

Really wish i kept Gingerbread.


Buttery drain issues also. I have the official extended battery and it used to last all day, now drains completely in about 4 hours. Makes the phone pretty unusable. Have disabled fast dormancy and will follow instructions in the link. Update here if it works.


if anyone is having battery drain issues, check this thread for a possible fix.



please post on the thread if it worked for you or not. thanks.


I had Fast Dormancy disabled already, which did help a lot with previous version of android, but not this one. Will try other fixes once I root the phone.

Jasmin Vick

any idea when it will be available on the vodafone network?

The Jolly Jumbuck

Downloaded ICS to Galaxy S2 while sitting in the Food Court and WITHOUT having to connect to my laptop. Simple as.

C Kenealy8

Had a mesage saying new softwer is ready witch i assum is ics i live in brisbane with an unlocked galaxy s2 through virgin mobile witch uses optus network so i think we all have access now lads n lasiz


Upgraded my phone last week. Interface did become slightly smoother, but apart from that didn’t notice any major improvements, mostly a lot of little and big annoyances, such as: 1.       Battery discharges a lot quicker now. 2.       Gallery does not auto-rotate photos now when turning the phone, have to press a button! 3.       Power savings widget is now 2 rows high, so takes more space on screen. 4.       Phone button always goes to keypad, used to save last tab, but some people might like it, since it was completely hidden before. 5.       Email syncs by itself even when auto-sync is… Read more »

great phone

 Yeh its great like new phone love it thanks Mr Samsung and Mr Android


I’m having exactly the same issues… ICS has changed my phone from a useful communications tool to an overpriced paperweight.


Using SGS2 with Optus (unlocked), and still being told I have the latest upate. Won’t update to ICS. Wonder if it has something to do with being unlocked?


i have a galaxy s2 and kies has no update at all for me! has it got anything with my laptop running vista? i want ics so badly!!


Go to settings on your phone,scroll down to “About Phone” tab into that one and then tab on “Software Update”. Make sure your Wifi or Data Network is on first though. Thats how I upgraded, it came through with a firmware upgrade for me


I was the same. The update wouldnt come up for me and everyone I knew had it come through automatically. After trolling through the web I came up with exactly what you said. I am currently downloading it now. So we shall see how it works.


i flashed this on my phone thinking it would improve my data speed but it hasn’t. does anyone else have the same slow data speed on optus network?

John J

I’ve found the data speed on the Optus network is so varied – it just depends on location I think.
I live in Docklands (Melbourne) and it’s not bad right outside my apartment building but when I’m on a tram into the CBD there is a noticeable slow down the closer I get into the city.
And if you are at the MCG don’t even bother trying to access the internet.


watch out for when school comes out too, the congestion gets real bad then!

Kna Yeng

Has anyone have a problem with the battery going dead in just 2-3 hours without getting used at all after being fully charged?? Also phone randomly switches off and then back on…

Frank Benign

 Has not been my experience.  Uninstall the Optus crap.  Clear your caches (internet history, etc).


My phone occasionally reboots, particularly when I am standing next to my fridge.  Could be an auto warning that there’s no beer in the fridge. How do you “uninstall the Optus crap”?

Daniel Boreland

If your Samsung galaxy s2 keeps rebooting just take out your micro sd card. That’s what I did and I haven’t had the problem since

Dan Murphy

My phone has been randomly rebooting since late last year.


I had the same problem when I upgraded the firmware to the latest Gingerbread.

I had to do a factory reset. The reset still left the upgraded firmware but reinstalled everything else.

Now it works fine.

I just hope the same thing does not happen with the ICS update.

Kna Yeng

Yeah i rebooted it.. Works a lot better.. But i didn’t back it up properly and lost most of my contacts… Apart from that, it works fine.. Though it did freeze once this morning so i had to take the battery out nd switch it back on…

Daniel Tyson

Just upgraded the Wife’s Optus SGS II to ICS(4.0.3).

Alan M

Thanks, I’ve got Android version 4.0.3 now!  Just as well I like yellow. As a bonus, I can now uninstall all those useless Optus apps.

ncc 1701-e

I’ve just upgraded to 4.0.3, and I must say that there is a definite significant “smoothness” to phone, possibly attributed to the hardware acceleration. It feels just like my friends 4S in terms of scrolling, fade in/out effects. It’s as if I have a totally new phone again!
Extremely satisfied with the update:)


On virgin and the update worked for me. Great experience so far, especially the option to remove the Optus bloatware.

John J

Updated my Optus Galaxy S2 last night using the Settings / About Phone / Software Update phone feature and all went well.  Have noticed the battery getting low faster than usual. A couple of things I have found so far : 1   After editing a picture taken with the camera today there are now 2 “Photo Editor” folders in the Gallery 2   Whenever I make a call using a contact from my Favourites the call goes through but a message always      displays showing “OOPS I crashed and I have sent a report….” 3   The options under Settings have changed… Read more »


what is causing the “oops i crashed…” prompt? i also get it when i reboot. how do i fix it? thanks 🙂

John Chung Min Tat

Vodafone will never gets its update @@ 


Is ICS 4.0.3 going to be available for Virgin customers? Can’t find any info for Virgin customers…


Just spoke to Optus technical support. 
The Kies update doesn’t work on Macs.


i have a mac and it worked perfectly,ics is like having a new phone all over again


What if my S2 is unlocked? How do I get the update?  I use Telstra as the provider, I don’t want all their bloatware on my phone though.


Dude… its ICS. you can freeze all apps that would normally be bloating up your device.




Yes, I would also like to know…. even thought I’m about to google it anyway


Updated my Samsung Galaxy S2 Allphone’s Optus branded phone a few days ago to ICS 4.0.3 working nicely with dual sims Vodafone + Telstra 🙂


 Dual sims?? You mean you tried 2 different sims and not that you can use 2 sims at the same time right?


I got a message box pop up on my SGSII, saying there was a firmware update, so went to download (over wifi) and it was ICS!  I was so surprised at how easy it was. It took a good hour or so to download, but all went smoothy.  Lost all my apps on my home screen but was able to just drag them back from my app screens.  Am finding ICS is BRILLIANT – much faster browsing, battery life extended, and many terrific improvements all round.  I’m with Virgin mobile (which essentially Optus).  Does anyone know how I can uninstall… Read more »

Dan Murphy

I updated via WiFi yesterday morning. I haven’t noticed anything too exciting yet. Well apart from a stupidly high amount of bloatware from Optus.

Frank Benign

 You can uninstall it.

Frank Benign

Wi-Fi doesn’t connect to some hotspots, drops out on others.


Downloaded via Kies, unlocked phone and didn’t get any Optus bloatware at all! ICS is awesome!


How do I unlock? sii on optus.

Kna Yeng

Just installed this and went from being excited to disappointed.. My network signal just went really bad.. It went from a full bar to almost nothing.. As for anything else ill just have to wait and see.. Needs a few bugs to be fixed…


ha, mine went from poor reception to good with ICS!


I have 2 Samsung Galaxy S2’s and both have done the same, my RSSI has dropped by 10dBm


My reception is also dead. Phone is now useless!!!


I’m having an issue with the blue tooth, where it resets when I connect it through to my Sony head unit, hope they can fix this ICS update bug =S


my life sucks atm as i am with vodafone and there website still displays currently in testing. GET A MOVE ON PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!


My Kogan Unbranded UK GS2 (XEU) updated over the air to 4.0.3 from 2.3.4
about 18 hours ago. (No rooting or hacks so this is official) I am
happy so far. Still exploring and getting used to it.

Matt Symons

what about virgin mobile ???


 Not having any success unfortunately as the download crashed at 28% after over an hour of downloading. No apparent reason! My advice is hold-off from downloading for 2 weeks and hopefully they will have sorted out the issues.

Ninos Yacoub

Hi there, 
It is great news to update to ICS, however, I can’t get it to work 🙁 I’m getting a timeout when it starts to download the firmware. Anyone having similar issue.



I’ve been getting this also. I remember with the last OTA update this was happening also. I think it was due to the high number of downloads and the server not being able to handle it. I waited until a couple of weeks later to update and it updated without any probs. 

Ninos Yacoub

I’m using the Kies. I didn’t get the OTA update yet for some reason 🙁

I wannaaaa updateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, OPTUSSSSSS FIX THISS


I waited until very late and was able to download through Kies without the usual time out error when downloading.
Now updated to 4.0.3


Honestly there is little benefit in updating to ICS if you are running TouchWizz.  ICS is amazing in both speed and aesthetics – you really want to try and maintain as many AOSP elements as possible. TW just removes all the good visual bits, makes it slower and reduces battery life. Whilst still a nightly, CM9 is ready for daily use and once you switch over to a real android experience you will never go back. Anyhow, each to their own but there is more then enough info out there to help you flash ROMs on this phone – its… Read more »

Frank Benign

 Well at least the browser seems a lot snappier.

Frank Benign

 Oh, and ICS lets you uninstall the Optus crapware.


Yep it actually got released on  Monday Night..well for me anyway………Ive noticed that battery is actually worse since doing the change. I have cleared my cache partition removed battery which helped a little but still not a good sign when i need to charge every night with little use.

Also reception for me seems worse now in ICS, dont know what Optus have done but overall im a little disappointed with it….Why wont companies just release vanilla roms with all their phones so we have a choice…….mrrrr overall disappointed with the whole thing 🙁


Anyone got it on Virgin yet? Given that Virgin phones display as Optus


 Tried to update my Virgin phone. Firmware components download to PC OK but the firmware upgrade to the phone is ULTRA-SLOW and it crashed at 28%. Kies generally sucks but I don’t know whether the problem lies there or with Optus. I think I might install ICS by downloading the root kit. At leat Kies can be avoided and the Optus bloatware deleted.


 HI there, yes I am with Virgin mobile, and the update just popped up on my screen the other night! Took a good hour or so to download but its absolutely fantastic. Hope you get it soon too

Frank Benign

General advice: clear all cache, browser history.


Its a good news for those who were eagerly waiting for the update.


just got mine. lost a heap of apps and some email accounts too 🙁


has anyone been getting an issue with contacts names not displaying in the sms??
both my brother and i have SG2s and updated tonight and we both have the same problem, only showing contacts numbers instead of their names.. also noticed that screenshot is no longer available?!

someone halp!


My contacts app is not workin just keeps crashing also upgraded tonight and when i tried to fix i accidently got rid of it from the launcher at the bottom please help


i just got my update throught my phone….. do i still need to update through computer as well?????

Mohammad Othman

I got the OTA notification about the upgrade, it started downloading and then conveniently at that moment the wifi connection dropped so the download paused.  In my wisdom I cancelled it to try it again and now it says ‘no update available’.  AHH kicking myself right now!


Same but didn’t cancel it… It cancelled itself…
Weird it can’t restart..


Same thing here. I’ve tried updating through Kies, but every time it gets to the point where the phone displays the “downloading” screen then fails. Grr.


not for unlocked gs2s on optus


I got the update when you first posted. The excitement is all gone now… Are there any apps that are Ics only? I need something new again to keep me going!!

Daniel Tyson

Chrome Browser, bonus it got an update yesterday so it runs even nicer now.


No update for me over Kies yet, bit disappointing…

Peter Graham

Downloaded it this morning … its working great .. one thing I am seriously dissappointed in though is the fact that Samsung have removed the access to camera option on the lock screen .. why on earth would they do that? I am getting really tired of manufacturer bloatware and stuffing around with the android OS .. might skip the sgs3 and get an HTC one x at this point. 

Ok .. but other then the camera on lock screen being removed it is running very smoothly .. just to be fair.. still angry though. :/


Flash it. It’s pretty simple. 


Hi Peter! Just got notification tonight I can upgrade to ICS and am reviewing whether it’s worth it…after my last rapid update to 2.3.6 I am a lot more cautious now as 2.3.6 is a nightmare!!
Just curious about this nifty camera access from the lock screen – how does that work? I know on rooted s/ware you can but didn’t know you could on stock 2.3.4/6 or whatever software. Is there an option in the camera setting to allow for that??
Cheers, Gareth