Just hold off on this, I‘m looking into this further awaiting confirmation on the validity of this app, I‘d recommend uninstalling it for now if you have installed it. I will update when I have further information .

May 3rd can’t come fast enough for most Android lovers, the event has an air of anticipation that has been mostly unrivalled so far in the realm of Android device releases and to further that interest Samsung has just released it’s SAMSUNG mobile UNPACKED 2012 app to the Google Play Store. Not only that but in the description they actually name the Galaxy S 3 and pretty much confirm what is going to be announced at the event:

SAMSUNG MOBILE UNPACKED samsung mobile unpacked galaxy s3 unpack

The selection of features in the app is pretty cool but a lot of the options in the app are locked until the 3rd of May but still :

  • What’s UNPACKED?
    Find information about all previous SAMSUNG MOBILE UNPACKED episodes here.
  • Event Schedule
    Find the event schedule (date, time, and place) for upcoming SAMSUNG MOBILE UNPACKED event.
  • Event Location
    Find event location and transportation information for upcoming SAMSUNG MOBILE UNPACKED event.
  • Teaser
    Sneak peak at newly launching Samsung mobile product.
    Even if you can’t attend the event in person, you can watch it ‘live’ anywhere you are with this application.
    * UNPACKED Live will be available during the event, and you will be able to replay it afterwards.
    Press Release and New Product will only be available after the event.
  • Press Release
    Find official press releases on new product unveiled at UNPACKED event.
  • New Product
    Access more detailed information about just launched new Samsung mobile product.

The most important is the UNPACKED Live feature which will allow you to live stream the event and play it back afterwards.

Again a reminder the event starts at 7pm May 3rd, London, which is 4am AEST on Friday May 4th. Hit the play store to download it, Samsung has also kindly included a countdown timer in the upper right hand corner in the app to continuously remind you of how long to go.

Source: Google Play Store.
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Its from the same developer who posted the Unpacked App from last year: 
(The one that they had up, and then pulled due to rescheduling that event.)


I wouldn’t have bothered posting this.


To be honest, I don’t even think this application is by Samsung. If it was, it would first of all be more stable then it is right now. Second, it’s not even by Samsung Electronics Co., this seems like a third-party developer app. Samsung will never just go ahead and put Galaxy S3 right on the first line of the description, especially when there are 10 days still to go.


App not working on Galaxy Nexus so far.

Warren Guy

Re name: it makes sense for them to target those keywords as it’s what everyone is searching for, even if it’s not the final name. I don’t think it tells us much.

Damon Lewis

haha nice slip up.