If you’re the proud owner of a HTC One X on Vodafone, it’s very likely you’ll be receiving an update tomorrow morning. The update isn’t going to change anything major (ie. no OS update), however, Vodafone says it will fix the following bugs, leaving you with a flawless user experience:

  • Enhanced system stability
  • Fixes to WiFi, GPS and USB interface to improve battery performance
  • Improved camera support for Instagram
  • Intermittent display noise issue fixed
  • Slow motion and camera power usage improvement
  • Signal indicator improvement
  • USB to PC detection, tethering and internet pass-through fix
  • WiFi indicator fix

The update will be an over-the-air affair, so don’t worry about having to sync the phone to your PC. It will be around 27MB in size and free to download over Vodafone 3G — we recommend you use Wi-Fi though. Make sure you battery is mostly full before updating your One X.

If you don’t yet own a HTC One X, please have a read of our review to see if it’s the right device for you. Or, you know, you could wait out for a little something from Samsung.

Source: Vodafone.
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dara ing

anyone reporting any improvements??

Dara Ing



Just got mine on Vodafone. Update all done.Took about 10 minutes.


Optus update is out now. Get downloading people!!!

Max Powar

I can confirm that it’s available on Optus.  Just waiting to get into wifi range.


Purchased mine through allneeds and running on Virgin (optus Network)

Got my update over the air this morning 🙂


no update for me yet 🙁

Dara Ing

any news on a the update for optus!!!
ive asked about it on the optus forums.. but they just give me shity answers and want to debate that the update isnt needed and wont improve anything, espicially the battery life.. which i think is complete garbage.. why would htc release an update in the first place.. and in there eyes they think the battery life of the htc one x is awesome.. they obviusoly dont own one!


Maybe you should re-review the phone once you’ve done the update since this fixes some of the battery issues and your Irwin’s review’s main complaint was the battery.