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According to a report out by DigiTimes, Google has chosen Samsung to manufacturer the fourth generation device in the Nexus Series. Samsung are no stranger to making a Nexus device now that they have the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus under their belt. From DigiTimes:

”Since Samsung has become the top vendor of Android smartphones, Google will continue to have Samsung develop its next-generation Nexus models, leveraging Samsung’s innovation ability with regard to the Android platform, and its ability to control the supply of key components.”

Quite frankly we believe this would be a great move by Google. Sure, they want to support all manufacturers in the Android ecosystem, but when they want to set the standard, why wouldn’t they go with the industry leader in manufacturing.

It’s a big loss to LG who have previously expressed major interest in manufacturing the next Nexus device. It’s likely that this agreement with Samsung won’t affect the apparent deal Google has with ASUS to produce a 7-inch “Nexus Tablet” in the middle of this year.

Source: Android and MeDigiTimes.
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Well if you look at it from a business point of view. Going with the top manufacturer makes a lot of sense. Even looking at it from other point of views makes sense. Doesn’t choosing who gets to make a nexus involves all companies competing with their proposed design etc. if I’m not mistaken? If Samsung is chosen again, then it means others just can’t compete. Well giving other manufacturers a chance might be good, but I guess at the end of the day the boss at the top wants to see good numbers on a balance sheet and going… Read more »


Needs to have

Micro SD Card slot

USB on the Go support so devices like Hard Drives, Memory sticks, Camera, Keyboard / Mice can be plugged in and used

Separate ports for USB / charging and HDMI / DisplayPort so it can be charging while display is connected

Edge to edge display with no boards so maximum display area and minimum physical size

Car and desktop docks


If this is true, Google has just made their flagship devices another extra in the ever increasing Galaxy line. If they want their devices to stand out they need to have them made by a manufacturer that really needs the device to be successful and will stop at nothing to make it the best android phone available. Samsung have always and will always make nexus devices extremely similar to the latest Galaxy S but will not make it better as they really want to be selling the Galaxy S series more.


I hope it isn’t true. Samsung produce great stuff it’s true, but other companies should be given the opportunity to produce the nexus brand.

Sam Cook

The “Nexus” concept as it was intended has become more and more diluted with each revision, so I’m kind of indifferent to Samsung producing the next Nexus. Both the Nexus S and the Galaxy Nexus were essentially the previous Galaxy S phone in new clothes (the latter even had “Galaxy” in its name, so much for “Nexus Prime”); and most revisions the Galaxy Nexus didn’t even have the “pure Android” experience Nexus had become known for. I’m still a fan of Nexus, mostly for the 3rd party developer support the community offers it – but increasing it’s becoming just another… Read more »


Awww, I was hoping that another manufacturer would get the chance, like LG or Sony. Don’t get me wrong, Samsung makes good stuff but I think it will help level the playing field if LG or Sony can benefit from the experience of building a nexus phone.


Maybe one day we might see an android fridge from LG .. but I would never buy an LG phone. 

Stephen Crisafulli

I hope this is not true. Nothing against Samsung ( I love my Nexus) but i want fresh meat. Just like in a porno


I wish Sony would get a chance to do one. I’d love a vanilla Sony Nexus. The only big neg with SE/Sony devices is the crapload of bloatware.


Sony was going to do the second Nexus but pulled out just before it was ready. Samsung then picked it up and released the Nexus S. 


I just hope the next nexus has a micro sd slot.


 I don’t think any Nexus has had one yet unfortunately.  It’s a show stopper for me.

Sam Cook

The Nexus One did.  Neither the NS or the GN did, despite their hardware brethren (Galaxy S/II) both having expansion slots.  Go figure.


Umm the entire 2011 Sony Ericsson collection was garbage. Slow and outdated at release. Poor build quality. No thanks


I love how you saiy android ecosystem!


It’s a common phrase used amongst tech media.


Shouldn’t this one have been filed under [Sponsored]?

Getting tired of how Samsung-centric things have gotten around here.

Buzz Moody

But it was fine when there only HTC news earlier in the year because that’s what all the hype was around.

I think you’ll find a lot more news will be about upcoming launches and that manufacturer, that’s how news sites work. There isn’t a lot to say about Sony, LG, Huawei (they’re launching a device), HTC and co at the moment.

Goodnight, angry troll.

Peter Graham

Geesh .. can’t please everyone all at the same time eh!  Probably just bought a one x and has buyers remorse. 

Moving right along.


Buzz, meet ASUS. ASUS, this is Buzz.

ASUS has had a stack of notable launches and releases recently (Pad 300, Padphone) that have been…

eh, why bother.


I constantly read Ausdroid (because it is on my RSS feed) and can’t see any bias.  Most of their posts are just repeating what the overseas tech media are talking about.

Andrew Singh

So much for Moto getting this, Ha!