More Samsung news, yay! From all the people sending us emails, tweets and various other forms of communication, we can confirm that the Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich update is ready to be applied to your Samsung Galaxy S II from Telstra. The update doesn’t appear to be available for download over-the-air, so you’ll need to connect your Galaxy S II to your PC and sync it up to Kies.

The update is apparently just over 200MB and will bring you up to the latest major version of Android — TouchWiz is included also. This updates means that Vodafone will be the last to upgrade the Galaxy S II to ICS.

Let us know how the updating process goes in the comments below.

Source: Telstra.
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 I have the same problem since I updated to ice cream sandwich. Compass do not work. 

Steve Nightingale

ICS now installed and running ok… Battery life is pretty good but every now and then the phone just switches itself off.  Probably happened about 3 times in the last 4 days.

Anyone else have a similar issue?


Yes, I have the same problem since I updated to ice cream sandwich. The phone also freezes occasionally.


any news on the 4g version with the update ?


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Selwin Bishop

Downloaded fine over-the-air. Installed with no problems. I like the new features


 Help needed, please. Tried updating on phone. Did not work. Said “no
update available”. Then I went onto Kies. Kies said that I already have
the lastest firmware. What do I do now !!?? Please help.


same here

John Chung 哥

Vodafone where is ur ICS ? 


I am not having any battery issues with mine. Updated using Kies, all went smoothly. Been using it for a few days and only charged once. 


I had the same problem with the battery usage being used up very very quickly, within the hour I used about 60% battery. I’m not sure if it was the opening and closing the camera app and rebooting the phone that did the trick. however once I charged my phone fully the battery drain stopped


no issues, downloaded on the phone, backed up on computer.. and did the install from the phone… if you aint getting a update, try signing up to Samsung account, as i had the update itching to be downloaded on the phone the other day


I had no problems yesterday loading and updating, my phone is unlocked but with a Telstra chip.
I used Kies from my laptop. The thing I have noticed is it goes through the battery a lot quicker, I will watch this one

Steve Nightingale

Doing the firmware upgrade and it always seems to stall when downloading the file for it…

Very frustrating!


S2 isn’t showing up on kies..

I have the GT-I9100 and haven’t recieved the update yet.  WHY!!!?  Please help me.


Have you tried Kies? I thought that ICE had been released for generic (non-branded) devices. Could be wrong…

Yes I checked the OTA and KIes and no update.  Kies is the latest version.

I am never getting a Samsung again, I never had this issue with Htc.

Michael J Farrugia

 does this apply to S2 4G?


Battery life not looking good for me either ! No apps running after update and 3 hours later down to 15% !! Oh dear !


doesn’t seem to work for me… i bought my phone from Kogan.  will there be issues because of this?


Downloaded OTA last night… took 4 hours but all seems ok… except… was looking at a few news sites etc on the bus into work this morning, 20 minute trip… 29% battery usage??? No other apps running. 

D S Hoier

When is Vodafone getting the ics update???


I think all the things that made Touchwiz good for Gingerbread, it kind of sucks for ICS. GO Launcher EX didn’t really work as well either. Upgrade itself was fine, I factory reset after install and everything is smooth. No launcher though.

I forded a rooted stock install in my future.


I looked at my phone and BAM !! update available on screen. canceled as had wifi off and when i went to check for OTA update is kept telling me no update available…..

Now plugged into kies…..


Dload this evening over wifi – no problems. I wonder if it will improve antenna reception. I hope it does. Brilliant phone just wont work inside. 

Anon Canberra

Update shows up via OTA.
Didn’t have time.
Dismiss update.
At home now, ready to update.
No update available.

WHAT THE F**K?! Why?


 I had a similar issue. Interupted it mid update a couple of times (whilst doing via my wireless). Ended up plugging the phone into my laptop and updating via the kies software.

Anon Canberra

Downloaded via Kies…that was a bloody effort an a half.

Man, how disappointing is it? Reminds me when stock is way better than TouchWiz…


Downloaded over Kies (didnt show us update OTA). Update went very smoothly and took about 30 mins (lots of apps updated on reboot) everything running as it should even GO Launcher EX remained in place.


I have an unlock Gaalaxy S2. It doesn’t show any update in Kies. It says that PDA:KJ2/Phone:KI4/CSC:KJ1 (XSG) is the latest software ?!?


Vodafone disappoint me yet again 🙁


Update went well but the text in some programs (like text messages) looks strange. Thicker outgun some areas of the letters and thin in other areas.


 Fixed the issue by reseting the font back to default rather than “Helvetica S”

Paul Hainsworth

215MB for me.. downloaded via Wifi without connecting to Keys

Neil Spir

215MB update over the air for me on my Galaxy SII, last night too.  Didnt need Kies


I received update OTA from Telstra, but crashed after installation. Now can not on my phone, anyone have same problem?


I was able to download it over wifi… no kies required and had to option to do it via 3g..


216 MB, approx 30 mins.


Downloaded over wifi, installing


 Help needed, please. Tried updating on phone. Did not work. Said “no update available”. Then I went onto Kies. Kies said that I already have the lastest firmware. What do I do now !!?? Please help.