Sony has announced via their blog that owners of the Tablet S should now be receiving the update to Ice Cream Sandwich, next time you connect your Tablet S to WiFi you’ll be prompted to do a system update. The Tablet S hardware is quite decent and now the Ice Cream Sandwich update is here it may be time to look at this tablet again, maybe check out Matts review.

Features from the update :

  • Enhanced lock screen
    • Direct access to Notifications
    • Unlock direct to camera
  • New panoramic camera mode
  • Enhanced Gallery media viewer
    • Direct SD card access + photo editing tools
  • Exclusive “Small Apps’ for multi-tasking
    • Calculator, Browser, Remote Control
    • Move to screen edge for reduced clutter
  • New Home Screen actions
    • Drag icons together to create folders
    • Add names to folders
  • Enhanced web browser
    • Switch from mobile to desktop web sites
    • Save pages for offline viewing
  • Access files directly from SD card
  • Native screenshot capture
    • Press “power” and “Volume –“

Sony has made a video showcasing their favourite features of the Ice Cream Sandwich update :

I’d like to take this opportunity to address retailers across Australia. If you have tablets or phones in your store and you do not have them updated to the latest version of the Operating System offered by the manufacturer, then you are doing yourselves and your customers a disservice. Select one staff member to ensure that your devices are up to date, because things like OS Updates matter to customers these days.

Source: Sony Blog.
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Grow tent

The Australian users of android must not feel good because they haven’t got ICS update yet on their android devices. But the wonderful video has been provide here that could be useful for the users and make their OS update process easier.


Really makes no sense why we don’t have the update yet. What I’ve found with SONY is that America gets all their best stuff at the best prices. I’ve resorted to importing all my SONY products.


I contacted Sony Australia Australia, they didn’t know when it would be available, all they could tell me was “soon”.


It gobsmacks me that a company that prides itself on a high end product reputation can be such a unfriendly, unhelpful, diabolical service provider!!


Fantastic. Why no ICS love for Australia… Came home excited to update and NADA…


When in AUS then?

Ben Liu

“I’d like to take this opportunity to address retailers across Australia…..” So according to your logic, does that mean that it is up to the retailer to take brand new products out of their sealed packaging to update (whenever one is available) before then trying to sell it as brand “new” (with seals ripped and all)? I know I wouldnt be taking the product if it has been unsealed (unless it is marked as refurbished).

Not sure what type of logic that is.. It should be the responsibility of the customer to do so immediately upon start up.


I’m pretty sure that he was referring to the display models….


 On the money there, a Display model running Honeycomb will sell less than one selling Ice Cream Sandwich, consumers are getting smarter and know about updates

Ben Liu

Considering you are trying to address all Australian retailers with your opinion, its pretty badly written since there are no references in there that mentions floor or display models.

Retailers typically will rid the stock in a mark-down effort (“Aged stock”) before the new batch arrives with the new updates. This is seen as cheaper and easier process than to have some pimpled face teen updating every item of floor stock individually whenever a minor update comes out.


Well considering Honeycomb was complete ****, it would be best if display models were updated to ICS. 
And I didn’t see a problem in the way he wrote it, just use common sense mate. =P


According to Sony’s twitter, it is currently only available in the US.