Whilst no-one I know will be attending Google IO in person -Hint: Google Australia the Ausdroid crew’s bags are packed and ready to go at any stage. The sessions held are usually very interesting, whilst IO doesn`t just cover Android, it usually shows features that Google wants to concentrate on in depth over the next year. Google does kindly stream the events so you can catch up on either YouTube or possibly on Google+ either whilst the sessions are held or shortly thereafter.

Looking through the schedule I`ll certainly be tuning in for the ‘What’s new in Android’ on Day 1 but other than that most of it looks to be back-end stuff for developers. I’m pleased to see a couple of topics have been listed on Day Two and Three, such as ‘Multi-Versioning Android User Interfaces’ which will hopefully be about showing developers how to have one APK yet two different interfaces -one for Tablet and one for phone, I’m also keen to see what comes out of the ‘For Butter or Worse: Smoothing Out Performance In Android UIs’.

So have a look through the schedule and see which one’s you are interested in or what you think they could mean for the Android eco-system, there are also sessions for Chrome, Youtube, Maps, Google Drive and the business side of things as well. Either way there is usually some interesting stuff that comes out of Google IO.

Source: Google IO Sessions.
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    I hope that Google will release it’s Nexus tablet at the event. It has been rumoured that they will release it then.


    When is it?


    June 27-29, 2012
    Moscone Center, San Francisco
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