The great team over at PC World Australia are reporting that Samsung Australia has sent out invites to the media for a launch event happening on May 31st. What might that event be for, you ask? Well I think this blanket statement from Samsung Aus sums it up nicely:

“Samsung Electronics Australia is pleased there is continued interest about our GALAXY range in Australia, but we have no plans to make any announcements at this time.”

We totally believe you, Samsung. Why on earth would want to launch the successor to the most successful Android phone to date — the Galaxy S II — here in Australia?

The event will be taking place in good ol’ Sydney and will no doubt see the Galaxy S III unveiled (again) and find itself on a multitude of Australian carriers. Although it hasn’t been confirmed by the big 3 carriers, we can safely say it will launch on all of them, and that Telstra will be eyeing a 4G LTE version.

Upon release to consumers sometime in June, it will be up against fierce competition in the HTC One X and not-so-fierce competition in that Apple thing. Pricing will no doubt be premium across all carriers, with $79/mo looking to be the go-to plan pricing. MVMOs such as Crazy John’s and Virgin Mobile will surely have the most competitive pricing overall.

The launch of a 4G LTE version on Telstra will see it paired up with the HTC One XL — making the two devices the best of the best when it comes to 4G smartphones, and will cement Telstra’s 4G network as the very best in comparison to the small roll-out Optus has had in NSW.

We’ll do our best to get confirmed pricing and release dates to you as soon as we can! Stay tuned.

Source: PC World Australia.
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Dean Reading

That Apple thing? Never heard of it… It mustn’t be important


Blistering fast 4G LTE with S4 Krait from Telstra…or just stick with Voda for Quad Exynos 3G with amped GPU goodness?? Man, I hate decisions like this…


Maybe they realised they could get a larger slice of the pie and decided to launch anyway. After all we’d just buy online anywho

AJ3000 The Samsung support page has four models each for Telstra and Vodafone. You can also download the Aus version of the manual here. This appears to be the HSPA+ version for both Telstra and Voda. There is another LTE model (available in Blue or White) on Telstra which will probably be available later or on a higher plan (


This is horrible, what happened to the global simultaneous release


This is good news. When it announced it didn’t announce here so be happy son!


They never said global simultaneous release. They just wanted to release it globally closer to announcement than like last year where we had to wait months. Considering they are making an announcement on the 31st of May, we could still be getting it in June which would be about the same time Asia and probably the US are getting it which isn’t bad and aligns with Samsung saying they are gonna release in the EU on the 29th and then Korea,US,Japan and the rest of Asia afterwards. Considering they didn’t even mention Australia through the launch and Samsung Australia has… Read more »


Screw being one of the first to buy. It is always better to let other people try it first and let them find the problems. If there are hardware bugs you’ll be stuck with the dud. I’ve yet to see a hardware bug in a phone/tablet get fixed – apart from the Transformer with the GPS issue getting an ugly dongle to fix the GPS issue. Given the secrecy around this phone I would be curious as to how many people were testing it in the real world and thus how much real world testing it has undergone. The One… Read more »

Mikhail Cass

I swear this month is taking forever to finish!!!
First the 3rd took forever then It’s my birthday on the 26th and now this announcement is on the 31st!
Oh and if you want to give me one for my birthday that is ok 😛


With Optus due to launch their 4G LTE networks in Sydney / Melbourne / Brisbane in June, and given that Optus has had the exclusive launch for Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy SII, I think it is quite possible that Optus might want to try and get a 30 day exclusive on the SGS III 4G version, or is that just me being hopeful?


I think you’re trippin balls. Telstra all way. Forget Droptus or even Vodafail.


Optus is worse than Vodafone so 4G speeds will still get you no data. Amazing that at Central Station I never ever get any data yet have a full reception. Anywhere there are a large number of people and Optus falls over yet I can pull out my 3 work phone and have higher speed data at central than the best I get from Optus. there is no point releasing a 4g service if your network just can’t handle the data throughput.


I hear these complaints all the time, but in Melbourne CBD I have given up using my Telstra (NextG 3g) Ultimate WiFi Mode and switched to an Optus (3g) WiFi modem. Although, thefurther out of the city, the better Telstra seems to be.

Peter Graham

Awesome! .. can’t wait much longer .. its been killing me!


I was on the verge of buying a One XL from Mobicity, but if the S3 4g variant is just around the corner then Samsung will once again get my money instead.

Andrew Palozzo

Thinking the same thing….



P.S. Hurry the fark up!