According to the Asus Australia Facebook page they are giving an eta of July for both the Padfone and the TF700 tablet. The Padfone is the dual purpose device that allows you to dock your phone into a Tablet shell to allow you to work on a larger screen when required with the additional functionality of a keyboard dock added as well. The TF700 is the Tegra 3 packing tablet with the full HD Screen which offers a resolution of 1920×1200 @ 224ppi.
On the TF700 :

thanks for your interest, TF700 is expected to arrive around July time frame, we’ll keep everyone update when more information becomes available, stay tuned. Thanks!

The Padfone :

PadFone is expected to arrive in July time frame. thanks

No info on retailers although you’d expect to see them at the same places you normally see Asus products. Pricing remains the biggest point of interest with both devices, the TF700 with its HD screen will be interesting to see at what price-point Asus intend to market this tablet. The Padfone is another kettle of fish entirely, what is most needed is the individual pricing of all the accessories.

As usual we’ll update as soon as further information comes to hand. Anyone after the TF700 or the Padfone? If so are you willing to wait till July or is it time to import?

Source: Asus Australia Facebook page.
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Can anyone suggest a good retailer in Sydney. I’ll be there mid August.


$50 says the “dock” wont be capabible with the Prime, 700, or original TF101. Love my Transofrmer but im sorry, ASUS suck for contunally making new tablets so fast that wont work with the older docks. It’s the ONLY reason I’ve not upgraded to a Prime.

J.L. "J7" Gatewood StarrWulfe

TF101 dock WORKS. There’s a youtube video of it working with it… And remember there are ergonomics and weight to think about with these things… the TF101 dock works for example, but it’ll fall over when reclined all the way back since it’s more top-heavy than the keyboard.


Well ASUS said that the TF700 will work with the prime’s dock since besides the screen and “improved design that improves wireless capabilities” it’s the same.

Sam Turner

I’ve been waiting on the tf700 to have availability announced, I hope the price is going to be around the same as what the Prime is now and the current Prime will get a price drop


It appears as if there is no 850MHz version available (wistfully adding “yet”), so this one just won’t work for me. It’s a shame that we don’t use software defined radios for mobile equipment yet – it would make life so much easier. Ironically, if one actually does come out with 850MHz capability, it’s likely to be a branded phone.


Was planning on getting a padfone when it came out but read a review or two (CNET Asia) and the whole concept while amazing isn’t executed as well as it should be. But shall wait and reserve judgement!

Nathan Elcoate

What do you do half way through a game and the phone rings?

Daniel Tyson

Use the Stylus accessory to answer the call, but they haven’t said if said accessory is included with the Tablet or if it’s an option, we’ll have to wait and see


are these devices still phones?

Daniel Tyson

The Padfone is definitely a phone, it purely docks into a large screen to create a Tablet. The Tablet is useless without the phone guts.

Use any bluetooth headset, the available special stylus/headset, the speaker phone, or this thing by elecom:

Stephen Crisafulli

This is top on my list to replace my Galaxy Nexus. Hopfully this will give me a reason to use a table


Tempting but I want my next tablet to have an A15 based CPU inside.


Any news on the LTE version of the Infinity? That’s the one I’m waiting for.


I plan on getting the padfone late this year but if the price is alright with accessories I might get it earlier


I was going to get the Transformer Infinity as soon as it becomes available but I’m now going to wait to read the reviews as there is some doubts that it will be able to play full high definition at an acceptable frame rate.