HTC has released a schedule for their release of Ice Cream Sandwich to devices they’ve advised will be receiving the update. They’ve advised that the Android 4.0 update will include Sense 3.6, not the latest version of Sense 4.0 which is included with their One series because it requires dedicated hardware, which is not available on all devices.

HTC have said that devices with 512MB ROM or less will not be upgraded to Android 4.0, these devices include the HTC ChaCha, HTC Salsa, HTC Wildfire S, HTC Explorer and of course my trusty old Nexus One and others not listed, unfortunately for those who imported one of the HTC Tablets such as the HTC Flyer or Jetstream your tablet will remain on Honeycomb.

So the update looks like this for handsets available in Australia :

Device Schedule
HTC Desire S June-July
HTC Desire HD July-August
HTC EVO 3D June-July
HTC Incredible S June-July
HTC Sensation March-June
HTC Sensation XE March-June
HTC Sensation XL April-June
HTC Rhyme June-July
HTC Velocity 4G March-June

We’ve already seen the Upgrade rolling out to the Velocity 4G on Telstra in March and yesterday saw Vodafone begin rolling out the update to their Sensation handsets. Of course all these upgrades must go through carriers for testing and approval before being rolled out which HTC advise can take up to 45 days. There are a number of other handsets listed at the source but are US based handsets, if you`ve imported one you may want to check it out. Now I just have to break the news to my mother-in-law that her Wildfire S won’t be getting ICS.

Source: HTC.
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Awesome Guy

Sorry to all HTC Desire HD users, its a bummer they aren’t getting it… I honestly think the actual phone can handle the update, but HTC just cbs.


Does any One Know when will this updates are released from HTC its now almost middle of JULY.and i am still waiting for HTC Incredible S Updates.

Thanks in Advanced,

Daniel Tyson

If your Incredible S is from Optus then their webpage says ‘Android 4.0 – Early August’

Nikil Vissamraju

It’s late August now. -_- frickin Optus.

Anthony Tran

Ah poop… no mention of the Desire Z. Any word about that? It did come out around the same time as the Desire HD.

Anthony Tran

I just received a reply from HTC after contacting them through the website and, unfortunately, this was the response:

“As much as we want to assist you, we still don’t have a feedback if and when the ICS update will be available for your phone. Please wait for further announcement on our website.”

Time to play the waiting game!


Considering in mind I have HTC Desire HD, I am having a mixed feelings at the moment.
I cant wait till August for getting ICS update on my phone. However, feeling luck at least HTC is still updating my phone.