Whilst most people are either enjoying or have completed Max Payne 3 which was released last month, Rockstar Games has finally released their second title into the Google Play store in the form of Max Payne Mobile. Rockstar did have a few hiccups with the release originally intending it to launch on Android on April 26th after a 2 week exclusivity on iOS obviously intending to whet your appetite for the aforementioned Max Payne 3 but a few technical issues unfortunately led them to delay the release on Android. Selling now for just $3 it doesn`t look to be a bad price for the original game, Grand Theft Auto 3 runs pretty well on Android so Max Payne will hopefully be up to scratch as well.

Rockstar have only released the game for a select number of devices, reminiscent of their GTA 3 launch however they did slowly add support for more devices for that title, so if your phone or tablet is on the list as yet all hope is not lost. They say in their description that the game has been optimised for the nVIDIA Tegra 3 processor but as you can see from the list of devices it is available on, a Tegra 3 CPU isn’t necessary :
Android Phones: Motorola Razr, Razr Maxx, Motorola Atrix, Motorola Photon, Motorola Droid Bionic, HTC Rezound, HTC One X, HTC One S, HTC Evo 3D, HTC Sensation, HTC Droid Incredible 2, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Nexus S, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung S2, Samsung Galaxy R, Sony Xperia Play, Sony Xperia S, Sony Walkman Z Series Media Player.
Android Tablets: Acer Iconia, Asus Eee Pad Transformer, Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime, LG Optimus Pad, Medion Lifetab, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 / 10.1, Sony Tablet S, Sony Tablet P, Toshiba Thrive, HTC Flyer, HTC Jetstream.

Features :

  • Max Payne’s signature slow motion gunplay, Bullet Time®
  • Stunningly sharp, HD quality resolution and textures
  • Gameplay tailored for touch screen devices
  • Highly customizable controls
  • Multiple aiming modes
  • Compatible with the GameStop Wireless Game Controller and select USB gamepads
  • Integrated with Immersion Haptic Vibration Feedback
  • Tailor your visual experience with adjustable graphic settings
  • Unlock cheats, track your stats and more with full Rockstar Games Social Club integration

Head on over to the Google Play store if you want to purchase the game and get some Bullet time action going on your mobile.

Source: Google Play.
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    Shame – I’m running the Galaxy 10.1 Wifi (Samsung GT-P7510) and it is listed as “not compatible”. I wonder if someone at Rockstar forgot to tick all the different 10.1 variants when putting this one up.

    Kieran Mayer

    Awesome. Max Payne 1 was great