At the Google IO Keynote address Google announced the new features being added to the Google Play Store, namely Magazine subscriptions and the ability to purchase Movies and TV shows. What I expected was that Google would roll out the features when the Nexus 7 actually launched here in Australia. After seeing the news this morning that the UK would not be seeing these services at launch I asked Google Australia about them and have been advised that these services as well as Music ‘won’t be available at start’. From the wording of that we can surmise that Google Australia is continuing to work through whatever issues are holding them back from launching these services here in Australia. Until then we remain hopeful that these services will launch soon.

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    Will install their app when they stop using their annoying iOS style layout and buttons.


    I would not, in the least, be surprised to learn that the Australian connedtent copywrong holders are what is causing the delay in the roll-out

    Android UK

    I can’t understand why apple can do things that Google can’t. I am beginning to think that a US anti-trust case may be looming. Apple is said to have come to some unusual arrangements with book publishers and it wouldn’t surprise me if the same were true in other sectors of the media.

    Nick Bryant

    The lack of access to Google Music is incredibly frustrating, especially given the recent launch of Spotify in Australia. My only conclusion is that the music companies and TV studios are driving incredibly hard bargains with Google, possibly at the behest of Apple.

    Daniel Tyson

    The only thing I can add to this is Google will say No Comment or We`re working on this right up to the second they flip the switch on the Play Store to allow us to access movies, what they could possibly mean is that the first people receiving the Nexus 7 (i.e Pre-orders from the Google play Store) won`t be getting them, but in a week or 2 when we launch in stores then we will give you access

    Aliff Abdullah

    The downside is that the Nexus 7 is meant to be “made for Google Play”. Not very fun when we can’t access 50% of the services out of the box.


    No surprises. Still the best sub 500 dollar tablet. If you go android really it is this or the transformer prime. Getting content providers is the issue so don’t even expect to see music offered here this year (unless you use a US IP address). No idea about magazines- there are a few apps on the store but they’re all pretty crap titles and too expensive IMHO. Unless I’m paying at least 30 to 50 percent off the cover price these companies can GTFO

    Mr Pendulum

    Sorry but isn’t Google Movies already available here in Oz?


    Guessing they’re referring to the ability to purchase movies. At the moment you can only rent them.

    Zac Wilkinson

    We can only rent movies, not buy them outright.