Well you like the look of the LG Optimus L7, the only problem is that black doesn’t do it for you, well luckily AllPhones are here to help you out. They are now exclusively offering the Optimus L7 in white for the bargain price of $295, that’s outright pricing for those shouting that you can get the L7 as an Optus Prepaid phone for $269. The 3G radio is only listed as 900/1900/2100 which means you`re either using it on Vodafone or Optus but anyway it’s all about choice isn’t it. This doesn’t show up on the AllPhones Website as yet but it is in their July catalogue.

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Are you guys going to review this phone?


There’s a thorough going review of the L7 over on GSMArena.
LG Optimus L7 review: L-egant droid

The L7 does not fare well at all in the review. Below spec in test and actual use against its price competitors, and its hardware equivalents.