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Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 7.7 is a beautiful tablet, we reviewed it earlier this year and fell in love with it. At the time one of the only negatives was Honeycomb 3.2 holding back the full potential of the hardware. Well last night Samsung released Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich for lucky owners in Austria, but that doesn’t stop Tab 7.7 owners everywhere flashing it now courtesy of SamMobile and Odin. Warning, at this time ICS is only available for the 3G version of the Tab (P6800) NOT the wifi only version (P6810) found in Officeworks and other local retailers. The wifi version of ICS is likely to be released in the next week or so (hopefully sooner).

I flashed the ICS rom to my own P6800 last night and the performance improvement is impressive, it’s like a whole new tablet! For those considering the Nexus 7 but disappointed in the specs, the Tab 7.7 running ICS just became a real contender.

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I am travelling for a couple of months and need a phone that i can do my banking. Do I go for an ipad and take my blackberry or get the latest galaxy 7inch


Any word if there’s an update for the P6810 in Australia?

simon Orme

I think Samsung has seriously lost the plot with its upgrades to the extent I would recommend against purchasing any Samsung android device. I got ICS on my phone in December 2011 and already have jellybean. Jellybean is so much smoother, quicker and more energy efficient, that I am using the phone instead of the tablet, despite the smaller size. The chrome browser in particular is way quicker to load. I have emailed and called Samsung and the excuses for the delay are feeble in the extreme. The problem seems to be rewriting touchwiz but any gains from this are… Read more »


i’m never buying a tab from samsung again this is ridiculous. Still waiting… tried to update it myself but failed. Its September, 2012 I’m still on honeycomb on my 7.7. I mean i know its first world probs, but FFS..


“The wifi version of ICS is likely to be released in the next week or so (hopefully sooner).”

Nearly 3 months later, and still nothing. Meanwhile the UK update for the P6810 has been out since the end of July.


does anybody have a .pit file for the 32GB version?


I downloaded sammobile and it only list the P6810 version and mines the P6800. what did you guys download?

Ian Aspinall

And to think I was wondering what I was going to be doing tonight…

Matt Booth

This is a non-wipe update, very quick and easy. Just flash with odin over the top of your rom, retains all your apps and settings


Yeah, I said all of that already.

Robert Hutchinson

Just installed on mine. Certainly nicer to look at than the old version. Now i have Chrome as well. Very nice.


It is very good, feels like a brand new device. I love my 7.7 perfect combination of screen and hardware. The ROM is Austria but also includes the UK so is a better fit than the middle east ROM that was on it.
No need to wipe it, just use Odin to install the ROM, it upgrades and you have all your apps, settings etc there.
For those who know the GS2 ICS change to touchwiz removed the contacts button from the phone app well it is back in for the 7.7. If only the GS2 had this ROM.


I read this yesterday on SamMobile. Now other Galaxy Tabs will also receive the update soon.

Damon Lewis

Waiting for the Tab 10.1 update…

Geoff Fieldew

Same. Been running ICS for ages though.


Yeah…Released before the 7.7 and still waiting… :-/