Vodafone have let us know via a Tweet (seen below) that Samsung are preparing Android 4.1 builds for the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus on Vodafone. This is welcome news for users of either (or both) devices who haven’t rooted their way to custom ROMs already running Android 4.1. There’s no time frame for a release, but a confirmation of the update is always welcome news. It’s also much better than Telstra and Optus who are yet to update the Galaxy Nexus to Android 4.0.4.

Source: @Vodafone_AU.
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I have a gnex on 4.0.4 on optus GSM how do I upgrade it to jellybean


Got Jelly Bean on 13/7 for my Galaxy Nexus via OTA. It’s great, the icing on the Ice Cream Sandwich + GoogleNow.


Why do people still feel they have to wait for carrier official firmware? You have a nexus device, YAKJU it up and get with the Google program. It isn’t going to void your warranty or bring the world crumbling down in a fiery mess – but it is going to give you a better android experience.

And don’t say it’s too hard, it really ins’t.


Its a work phone…. Don’t want to mess with it

Luke Newman

I’m on telstra and have 4.0.4…..

Luke Newman

updated OTA 2 weeks ago

Jason Berek-Lewis

I have a GNex from Telstra and I am still on 4.0.1. I thought that because they had an Android store in Melbourne that Telstra would provide great support for Android. I am disappointed.

Sean Kavanagh

I’m happy to wait and even happier to squeeze another update out of my Nexus S. Should tide me over until the next Nexus phone later in the year 🙂


I’ve got a nexus on Virgin (so, Optus), and it updated to 4.0.4 last week.


I wish they’d give an ETA. If it is a week or so I’m prepared to wait. If it is months then I’m flashing.

Dylan Xavier

You mean more like a month. thats Vodafone’s normal time frame

Damon Lewis

If all goes well then 2-4 weeks would be about right. If Vodafone find a problem and need a new build then it will be a week or more to get a new build and then another 2-4 weeks testing.

Andrew Palozzo

Have google even finished 4.1 yet for the Nexus S?

Daniel Tyson

Nice, but i`m gonna be flashing once the image hits the Google Dev page