Samsung have today pushed out a maintenance update to its flagship Galaxy S III which is said to improve stability and overall performance for Android 4.0.4. We heard back from users who have received the update — which has rolled out to Optus, Telstra, Virgin and generic Galaxy S IIIs so far — who have said that the ROM/Kernel has been updated from LE6 to LF2.

SamFirmware has confirmed the updates and they’re now listed on their site. The update is rolling out over-the-air at 23MB in size, so sit tight until its ready for you — you’ll see a notification appear when it’s ready for download. As always, let us know how it goes in the comments.

Source: SamFirmware.
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Vodafone update is live.


i read all these questions and answers and i wonder that i must be just lucky my phone has not failed. i took it out of the box the monday it was releashed and it hasn’t missed a beat. i did the update the other day and it has performed perfect. the only down size is the battery it still doesn’t meetup to the quaality of the phone. iso i bought desktop charger with spare battery so now i have spare fully charged battery with me at all times


when is this update coming on vodafone?


LF2 seems to be a lesser update than LFB. What have we done to deserve being fobbed off with half an update? I was particularly looking forward to being able to use Skype in more places.


Fixed my wifi problem

Dean Reading

The update fails whilst installing when I try on my phone.
When I go through kies, it encounters some other error.
I’ve downloaded this thing like 5 times now and my phone keeps bugging me to do it.
Does anyone else have this issue?


Have you rooted your phone? I rooted mine AND reset the flash counter but it also fails. I then reverted back to stock and the update is no longer available. Meh. Custom rom time


i rooted my phone and flashed the rom and kernal whatever its called and i cannot get the update! i did restore the phone back to stock but still cant get it. WHAT DO I DO!?
Is there anyway i can restore it and it will be update-able?


Had the same issue, except after 4 tries and rebooting both pc and phone it finally installed, can’t see the brightness indicator others are mentioning


This seems to be the update that the UK etc got about 4 weeks ago. LFB was released in the UK over the weeknd that gave the Brightness slide and a few other nifty features. I got sick of waiting for Optus to do anything so decided to flash to the UK version. Very nice indeed (plus no Optus splash) Recommend it.


nice. i mean wait.. that’s not jellybean… :0 that’s not a galaxy nexus


No Brightness toggle in the notification bar, the LED indicator switch still does not work and smart stay still proves not to be so smart.
Aside from those gripes, it seems to run fine so far, but we’ll see over the coming days how it fairs.


same here with me, i updated and the brightness thing in the notification slider isn’t there…..


It seems to help with the screen redraw issue probably by forcing the launcher to stay in the RAM. This update seems to be similar to the update the UK received last month, the new one recently released had some more obvious feature additions that isn’t in this update according to what people said on whirpool.

Damon Lewis

I like LFB with the brightness in the notification bar (and other additions)


What brightness thing? O and mine updated to XXLF2 not XXLFB? is that right?

Damon Lewis

LFB has been released in Europe/UK, I flashed it myself. In the notification area just below the toggles there is now a slider for screen brightness. It’s very good since Samsung removed the ability to adjust the brightness by sliding along the notification bar which the S1 and S2 had.

James Jones

Downloading now!