Sony have begun rolling out the Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich” update for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc globally. Included in that roll-out is the Pearl Blue version (1246–2425) from Optus — the update was officially pushed out last Monday according to Sony, so you should be seeing it soon.

To download and install the update you’ll need to download the Sony PC Companion tool (or Bridge for Mac) and plug your Xperia Arc into your computer to begin the update process. Let us know if the update is ready for your device.

Source: Sony Mobile (Forums).
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I just updated my arc with ICS and now the phone refuses to recognise my optus sim card, but will recognise my pre paid telstra one. Any hints on how to proceed?


I have been trying repeatedly to install the update but it keeps freezing at the point where I have to hold the back button down and plug the usb cable into the phone pc. I’ve tried through Sony Update and PC Companion – same thing. I thought it was because Optus hadn’t released the update yet even though Sony had. When I went to the Optus website it said release in late July so I’ve been checking daily to see if my phone thinks it has an update – nada, all up to date. My phone is on contract and… Read more »

Michael Spencer

The Sony Mobile Blog mentioned something about this operating system using more phone resources for the same tasks. Anyone noticed any performance decreases since installing this update (eg: slower response times). Also, does this take up more space on the phone’s internal memory? I almost always have the internal storage space low icon showing becuase of this phones limited internal storage space.

John Grech

I have the 1246-2376, any idea if it’ll be coming out for this model and when?


No one seems to know John, you’ve just got to sweat it out. Check the source link. Shouldn’t be too long I’d imagine.


Another thing too… Ericsson has disappeared from the boot screens now too. It’s purely Sony branded in terms of software now (even though Sony Ericsson is above the sceen). Fairly interesting because it was one of the last phones before the buyout was announced.

Oh, it seems that you can’t install all of the bloatware, but you can temporarily get rid of extra bloatware links. They come back when you restart the phone. If you’re like me and only restart your phone every few weeks, it’s not bad still.


Andrew here, the tipster. Just got it installed on my Arc… is pretty amazing! Not leaps and bounds over Gingerbread (for the 5 mins I’ve played with it) but well worth the half hour to upgrade. Everything went smoothly. Best thing is that a lot of the Optus bloatware can now be uninstalled. WINNING!

David Anderton

my Mrs just got her update for her Xperia Pro last week and i contacted Virgin about my HTC Incredible S which should be getting ICS very soon