Telstra have today announced their second generation T-Hub phone system, dubbed T-Hub 2. The device — pictured above — runs on the unbelievably outdated Android 2.3, however, the hardware is far more impressive that its predecessor. The tablet portion of the system features a 7-inch 1024×600 capacitive display, 1GHz dual-core CPU, 1GB RAM, 2GB internal memory and an SD slot. The cradle in which it docks has stereo speakers, and you can take calls via the tablet as well as the phone.

According to PC World Australia, Telstra says it is planning to update the T-Hub 2 system beyond Android 2.3 starting with Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich“. Why it didn’t launch with that in the first place is completely beyond us.

Telstra sold over 300,000 first generation T-Hubs and is hoping to cash in on the Android ecosystem with its wide variety of apps, books and streaming media to keep people entertained and occupied.

“Android really gives us such a wide spectrum of things you can do with the device. It also means as the software updates with Android we’ll be able to continually evolve the device with those updates.”

The T-Hub 2 will go on sale from tomorrow at Telstra’s online store for an outright price of $360 — you also have to have a Telstra fixed line service and Bigpond broadband service. It is also available through a Telstra T-Bundle for $15/mo over 2 years.

Source: PC World Australia.
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I yeah Telstra t hubs r a waste of money any thing that’s got the Telstra logo on it sux I had a old t hub it’s in 6 pieces now due to constant freezing it was a half backed idea to start with how about Telstra paying a decent company to build a decent system for them like HTC or Samsung or even Toshiba and defently not ZTE there are hopless never seen a decent ZTE device have u


Chris needs rehab he is right about 1 thing vista but upgrade to windows 7 noob not revert back to XP and I know why he don’t like Ics it’s Coz it’s to clean and crisp and it shits all over anycustom mods that he is capable of developing sorry Chris just don’t understand your Logic or lack of


Whilst I wouldn’t go as far as saying GB was better than HC or ICS, I will agree with Chris on one point. GB does work better on OLDER hardware. People, Chris is using an old hardware. It stands to reason that GB will work better than HC or ICS. Let’s not get into a slanging match with him. But GB does work better with OLDER hardware, my HTC Desire is proof of that.


Is there a moderator for this Page? If so, can someone remove Chris from Ausdroid. Preferably, just remove him from earth.

Stephen Crisafulli

Telstra have stuck there name on alot of shit home phones and products. Is it me or dose this look like $300 bucks WAY better spent on a Nexus 7 and $50 cordless. No one should ever buy this or let anyone buy this


You do realise that 2.3 is far superior as a faster more reliable OS than HC or ICS. A well written ROM would scream on a device like this.
Remember Windows Vista. Crap, XP was far better well in this case maybe just maybe JB is better than 2.3.
I have also used the first version, what a pile of trash. slow and useless to say the least.

Tom Rubery

“You do realise that 2.3 is far superior as a faster more reliable OS than HC or ICS”

Lets just take a step back and sink in what you said Chris. Are you drunk?


Do you know anyone who makes custom ROMs ? I do and I can tell you it is. I have no issues with my 2.3.7 ROM but I do on ICS on my GS2. You don’t know everything Tom. You are another sheep who believes that you have to have the latest and greatest or it is no good. HC was a joke, not even google wanted to release the source code. Before you people scream murder learn something. As I said I suspect JB is going to be the one where they get it right. A well written stable… Read more »


You know someone who makes custom ROMs do you? Whoop-di-do! Does that mean you know more then someone else that doesn’t know someone who makes custom ROMs? I think not.

For you to say that 2.3 is better then 4.0+ clearly shows how blatantly clueless you really are.

I don’t know what custom ROMs you’ve been using but if I had to choose between 2.3 and 4.0+, I certainly would not be choosing 2.3. ICS has been one of the most rock solid ROMs I’ve ever used. JB is even better gain.

Get a clue Chris. Go and troll elsewhere.


You’ve got to be kidding right?


You r got to be kidding right? Gingerbread is the fastest and most stable version of android?


If done correctly yes., Go to XDA and have a look at the work some of their devs are doing. They bring in the advanced features of the latest OS release but bulid it into a more stable core OS.

JB it seems from what I am seeing and what I have been told is where they are now getting it right.


Obvious troll is obvious. Please stop feeding.

Lawrence D'Oliveiro

This isn’t Microsoft bloody Windows, mate. Newer versions of Android are not bloated monstrosities consuming ever-greater hardware resources. Open Source is full of programmers who know their stuff.


Did I say it was windows ? I used an analogy idiot.

I know quite well open source is full of amazing programmers who know better han the big commercial companies.

Brett Crisafulli

ur a nut


No Your a cunt

Daniel Orchard

I tell you what Chris: I updated my NexusOne to ICS and then I updated my phone to get a better ICS experience (Galaxy Nexus) With this hardware (somewhat modest modern kit) I now run JB over the top and its a bit better again. But I would never have traded 4.0 for 2.3… ever. 2.0->2.1->2.2->2.3 were all great incremental updates (especially when they dropped JIT in 2.2!) but 4.0 was revolutionary the look and feel and functionality is so much better than anything before it. 4.1 is incremental but the smoothness (project butter) is greatly appreciated and voice commands… Read more »


Wrong Daniel, seeing you know everything you then must agree ICS is full of bugs.
There are nice things to it but it crashes all the time for me. My old tab P1000 has a custom GB ROM on it, it gets faster quadrant scores than when running ICS.

I am talking about a fast reliable OS for the hardware, new features aside.


Upgrade your hardware I have not had problem Ics best Android OS I have ever used and I have 7 Android devices ranging from 2.2 all the way to 4.0 and if Ics don’t worker properly on ur device wat makes u think jb gonna work smoothly


If older is better then why didn’t you use Windows XP vs Windows 3.11 as a comparison?