I’m a bit of a fan of the ABC Radio service, I used to listen to JJJ non-stop and when I travelled around outback Australia it was the only radio signal I could get, that meant that I listened to it a lot. Now the ABC has released their Radio app which aggregates over 19 ABC radio stations including the special events station covering the 2012 London Olympics into an Android App for your Aural pleasure. The app covers a heap of radio stations :

  • ABC Local Radio, including 891 ABC Adelaide, 612 ABC Brisbane,666 ABC Canberra, 105.7 ABC Darwin, 91.7 ABC Gold Coast, 936 ABC Hobart, 774 ABC Melbourne, 1233 ABC Newcastle, 720 ABC Perth, 702 ABC Sydney
  • ABC Radio National
  • ABC Classic FM
  • ABC NewsRadio
  • ABC Grandstand
  • triple j
  • triple j Unearthed
  • ABC Dig Music
  • ABC Jazz
  • ABC Country

The ABC has gone to great lengths to specify which devices the phone is designed for, it runs on Android 2.1 upwards and they’ve specified screensizes of 480×800, 720×1280, 240×320, 800×1280. The App will also check your location to make sure you’re in Australia because some shows are aired only at certain times. The app itself is 6.6MB in size but the streaming is the thing that will take most of your data, it streams a Shoutcast MP3 at 96kbs, which uses about 44 MB/hour. One of my favourite features so far is the discovery that the app has an alarm clock which allows you to specify which ABC Radio station you want to wake up to.

So head on over to the Google Play Store and grab it.

Source: Google Play.
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    Taylor Nelson

    Just somehow heard about this and love listening to Triple J in California. But so bummed that it won’t let me install it over here. Really wish I could find an .apk.


    I live in New York and cant use this…Sad

    country jo

    Not available even though installed ok is rural aus missing out again?

    Morgan Hodgkinson

    it works fine on Jelly Bean and that a good job from ABC

    Jason Friedman

    I’m a big fan of the TuneIn app, which has a nice sync function (between devices and the web). I think you can get all of these stations there, as well as thousands more (although admittedly no alarm clock). The pro version also lets you record also. In general, I get annoyed at these specialist apps (just for one website / TV show / radio / etc) and prefer apps that will work (well) across many services.


    Good ol’ ABC. That’s two apps they’ve come out with recently for Android. It’s great to see such great content being made available by them on Android.

    Jake Oliver

    Bit of a kick that it’s region limited, while the iphone version isn’t (and was one of the big selling points from memory when it was advertised). I’m in the UK at the moment and it won’t install on anything.

    Anyone have an .apk? 😛

    Jake Oliver

    Interesting, since posting this, it will now install here. Thanks ABC!