Another day, another video from the GoogleNexus YouTube Channel. Today the Nexus 7 video is addressing Google Apps. Starting with Chrome they show off the speed of pages loading and then how easy it is to switch between tabs and also into incognito tabs. It then shows the Gmail app and how you can swipe between your mail in your inbox to quickly access all your messages. Maps gets shown off including how to use the Voice Search for places nearby. Google Earth also gets shown off, showing different layers such as the 3D maps and finally the YouTube app gets a showing.

They’re pretty basic videos but they do show off the tablet and the Google Apps quite well especially for people not used to Android and there are certainly a few of those who have picked up the Nexus 7 and are loving it.

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They need a video to show how easy tethering is, so that they scoop up a few people who may be turned off by the lack of SIM card.