Yes, that’s my dodgy Nexus 7 cover currently but according to a post from from Nordic Hardware that may not be the case(haha) for too much longer, they’re showing off some accessories for the Nexus 7 beyond the Dark Grey travel cover we’ve already seen on the Google Play store which could be available in August.

They are advising that there will be a dock for the Nexus 7 to take advantage of the Pogo Pins on the side of the Nexus 7 which will have a 3.5mm headphone jack and microUSB connector for charging(still no HDMI out though) at the back and the dock will be angled perfectly for better movie and photo viewing, browsing and email. Expected release date for the dock is the 24th of August with a price tag of $49.99USD.

They also show a listing for a premium leather case due on the 31st of August at a price of $39.99USD in four stylish colours.

The Travel Cover which is still listed on the Australian Google Play store with a status of ‘This device is not for sale at this time.’ and an option to sign up to a mailing list to be notified when the cover is in stock, also gets a look in showing the coloured cases that were shown off by Asus shortly after the Nexus 7 launch but these colours are still not available in the US play store either and the expected date for those is the 16th of July.

The prices listed are subject to change especially once it hits Australia and date wise as with the current release of the Travel covers I doubt whether this will be a world-wide release, probably aiming at the US first and rolling out progressively to the other smaller markets. As they appear to have missed the date on the coloured Travel Covers I’d take these dates very lightly but just knowing they could be coming is good news, I’ve contacted Asus Australia and await their reply, however I do promise to harangue any Asus staff at the launch event for the Transformer Infinity next week if no answers are forthcoming between now and then.

Source: Nordic Hardware.
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    Does the Nexus 7 Travel Cover automatically turn the unit OFF when the lid is closed, and ON again when the cover is opened?


    I was trawling through cases last night looking for one that acts as a vertical stand. There are only a couple around! And I’m after something that’s not leathery either. I find that I’m using the tablet most vertically, but I’m also happy with just a travel cover.


    Why can’t anything nexus 7 be as easy as apple?? I can’t believe how hard they are making it for me to give them my money!


    I bought a Kindle leather (look) wallet for my Nexus 7 at Big-W for $20
    It’s a tight fit, but it works!
    Dick Smith also have them

    Daniel Tyson

    Almost at that point but as I have something for the interim, i`m gonna wait and see how the premium leather case looks.

    Aaron De Vries

    thanks, might try this while I wait for an official case from Asus to become available here

    Satwik Kamatmehbro

    i got mine off ebay for $5- like you said, it works! 😀

    Andrew Palozzo

    That glass Premium case looks the shiz… reckon it will stand vertically though? and will any of these have magnets to turn the screen off?

    I just picked up this thing off eBay… starting to have regrets now 😛

    Daniel Tyson

    I’m in the same boat, see my dodgy case. I’m really hanging out here. We’ll see what Asus have to say