For a phone that was launched the same day that Ice Cream Sandwich was announced this update has taken an inordinately long time to arrive, but finally owners of the Motorola Razr from Optus are starting to see Ice Cream Sandwich update notifications as the OTA update starts rolling out to handsets. The Optus update Blog has listed this update as Late July for a fair while now and I’ve asked Optus a number of times about the upgrade and they finally advised today that they had approved the update and were waiting on Motorola to star pushing it out. I have just seen a couple of people in our comments section advising that people are seeing the update arrive.

It’s sure to be a staggered release with more people getting it as the days go on but if you haven’t seen it as yet go to Settings > About Phone > Software Update to get your phone to check for the update manually but if nothing, just relax and wait it will happen. For such a long awaited update I’m keen to hear thoughts on what it’s like on the Razr so let us know in the comments, has it been worth the wait or did you get sick of waiting and go down the custom ROM path already? Remember we always like to hear about software updates to your phone so if you see an update let us know via twitter or email.

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moto freak

got the update this morning, installed it and now I’m facing a lot of problems with my applications and battery life
Fix it !!! – NOW !!!


I did but I have problem with battery and with any app

Hussein boltt

Why the fuckk don’t I have ics yet. Ive tried
Fucking everything and still no motherfukin
Ics can someone please help me

dave clayton

none of my apps work, randomly switches off, and the battery life has now halved…. tried rebooting and erasing the cache but still plays up.

David Hall

Updated mine last night. It took agaes to download the update over WiFi. Very stable so far. Seems to be faster and more responsive then GB. I like it so far. Thanks Motorola/Optus.


I thought we we’re going to be able to uninstall all apps? I’ve had a quick look, but it appears like I am still stuck with a bunch of apps I don’t need (A-League etc)


i’ve received but it seems to be taking forever to download even over wifi.


Just came up on my phone 10 min ago. While I’m thankful for ICS… I am wondering by the past performance from Motorola how long it will be before I see Jelly Bean on my Razr.


never … this will be the last update for the RAZR i bet.

Dave Ooi

Had to wait an extra week after this article but finally got it this morning! If not for this article, I would have done a forced update so thanks heaps!


Mine updated a few days ago, and I really like it


Been checking all day. Nothing yet from sydney


Nothin on mine yet