Vodafone have updated their blog mentioning that the Android 4.0.4 “Ice Cream Sandwich” update for the Samsung Galaxy Note will begin rolling out to users from tomorrow afternoon. Not all users will receive the update at the same time, it will instead be a staggered release with a portion of users getting the update over a few days.

The update will be available over the air (charge your phone up + have a good data connection) or via Samsung Kies desktop software. As always, let us know how it goes!

Source: Vodafone Blog.
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got he update on my note from vodafone last night. phone is about 50% faster over all. happy with that. Sad thing is though the clock alarm is kinda broken and music occasionally skips when bluetoothing to my car now…


turns out I just had to re-tick the snooze option in the clock. whoops ๐Ÿ™‚

David J.

The whole update process is frustrating enough as it is, but now there also seems to be a sort of update Lotto / Lottery as to when you actually get it! My Optus Galaxy Note, which I have had since the first week of launch (pre-ordered it and got it early March) is still saying no update, but others are getting it ;-( Is there anyway to increase my chances? I am using both Kies and OTA checks to try and get updates every hour or so. I also have restarted about every 6 hours, but doesn’t seem to make… Read more ยป


The update made the phone very slow to operate and battery usage is so much higher… Not so impressed with it…mine is outright so not hooked to a network.


I’m on telstra, still no update via Kies or OTA. Does anyone know that if you buy a vodafone or optus pre-paid sim, and try the update again, will it work ?

I’m with Optus and I was able to update it about 5 hours ago. I really wish I hadn’t as something went wrong with the foto and my phone is now a brick. Won’t turn on but when I try to
it sends me to a loading bar with the andoid guy and some blue thing rotating, it loads for a bit, the loading bar dissapears and then i goes back to booting, and gets stuck at the S logo again.
When i click the options button on the recovery loading screen, it says:
“Installing fota package


Hi Julia, You should have samsung kies installed – connect your phone, but go to tools->Emergency Firmware recovery. I’ve never had to use it myself but give that a go.


Hi Julia, (I think my previous post got eaten by the ausdroid)
If you use samsung kies, try the firmware recovery option (Tools->Emergency Firmware recovery).

I’ve never had to use it myself but give it a go.


yah updating now


4.0 – Optus Approved – Awaiting Manufacturer – Well… we’ll see how long it takes Optus


Well I’m certainly glad I bought my note outright and not tied to a network… I’ve had this for ages :S Stupid carriers.

I want to be hearing about JB now, not ICS ๐Ÿ˜›


I bought mine outright and still have no update. Was yours from Australia or an import?


Any news on the ICS update rollout for Optus?

Susan Martin

And for Telstra customers, Zip, Zilich, nothin…. In fact an inquiry with their so call U-beaut helpdesk, crowd support and low and behold they didn’t even know what a Samsung Galaxy Notre was, got to luv em.