Vodafone has just updated their Blog to advise that HTC will begin the long awaited update from Android 2.3.4 to Android 4.0.3 to Vodafone branded EVO 3D handsets, the update will begin from 1PM today. As per all rollouts I would hazard a guess that this update will be staggered also so keep checking Settings > About Phone > Check for Updates. The Full Statement

HTC will begin rolling out the Android Ice Cream Sandwich platform upgrade for EVO 3D handsets sold by Vodafone in Australia.

This is a platform upgrade and will introduce a number of new features and enhancements. Some menu items have moved and the user interface has been refreshed.

This update is available via HTC’s Firmware over-the-air (FOTA) platform, so you do not need a PC to complete the upgrade.

We’ve had the Galaxy Note and now the EVO 3D updates this week, Vodafone still has 4 days left in the Jelly Bean Challenge for the Nexus S so fingers crossed that will rollout shortly.

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So how has this rollout gone??
I see one person on whirlpool has received it… is that 100% then?

David Anderton

i hope my virgin incredible s gets upgraded soon as im going ovrrseas. can you do an ota upgrage in another country?

Daniel Tyson

Interesting, if it still has the Australian SIM in it I don’t see why not, will be interesting to find out.

David Anderton

no i won’t, I’ll be using a german sim, Virgin assured me i could get it via wifi