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Yesterday we saw the evidence for Google Play Gift Cards and Wishlist in the APK for the latest Play Store update, today Android Central has been sent photos of a $10 and $25 Gift cards. Android Police then reported later on that a user named MongoCrush had sent them a picture of the $25 Gift Card that he purchased from Target in the US. Android Police were then able to actually redeem the card and purchase an app.

So, will this roll out worldwide? My personal opinion is it will roll out to the US first but countries like UK, Canada and possibly Australia could be next. Why? Mainly because I think that choosing Australia to release the Nexus 7 to as part of the launch indicates Google has further plans for our market, mainly because we have a very high adoption rate of new technologies. That is all speculation on my part, but if I were you I’d be keeping an eye on all the places you normally buy Gift Cards from and be sure to let us know if you spot one.

Source: Android CentralAndroid Police.
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Maybe THIS will be a sign that the rest of the world could get Play Music and Play Movie purchases… if these cards get released here now, that is…