Another interesting tid-bit to come out of Telstra forum post today, is that Samsung have confirmed what we kind of already knew: the Galaxy S III will be getting Jelly Bean. What this does mean is that Samsung will soon be passing that update over to Telstra for testing and then onto the end-user.

“The next new entry is the Android 4.1 “Jelly Bean” update for the Samsung Galaxy S 3. Samsung have confirmed to Telstra that they are working on a Jelly Bean update for that device but as yet have not provided any dates.”

As Telstra have said above, Samsung haven’t been able to confirm any release dates. We don’t think it would be too hard for Samsung and Telstra — and every other carrier in Australia — to push out the update in late September/early October. What we have learnt from Samsung, however, is that they push out updates in groups, so (we think) all, if not most, of the carriers will need to confirm that update is ready for roll out before Samsung pushes it to devices.

Until then, rest easy knowing your latest device will soon receive the latest version of Android.

Source: Telstra (crowd support).
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Tin Oo

How to root Galaxy S3 GT-i9300T? I want to know so much!

test s

checked xda-developers?

Susan Martin

And the Telstra Samsung Galaxy Note???????