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Take this one with a huge grain of salt because I personally don’t think it would be any further on than concept stage at the moment let alone time to start planning product announcements or even releases but the Korea Times is reporting that insiders at Samsung have advised that the next iteration of the Samsung Galaxy S line, the Galaxy S 4 -yes a number not Roman numerals, will be announced at MWC in Barcelona next February and then launched for sale in March.

The Galaxy S4 will reportedly be using the Samsung Exynos Quad-Core processor and will have LTE, presumably with a new variant of the Exynos Quad which contains LTE radios as part of its SOC. The phone is also said to have a 5″ screen possibly to take advantage of the new 1080P panels that Oppo are using and HTC are rumoured to have in their new phablet device. The Galaxy S4 will also retain the rectangular shape with extreme rounding of the corners although the Samsung source speaking advised there will be US Carrier variations from this theme.

I don’t know I like to get my Nexus news out of the way before even thinking about the next Galaxy S phone, but here it is, make of it what you will. I personally believe this to be way too early in the design and concept phase to be making these sort of announcements. The fact the source has been quoted as saying US Carrier variants will be manufactured is a bit of a warning bell as the Galaxy S 3 has been super successful in the US so it’s a bit strange for Samsung to begin bending back to giving design back to the carriers. What do you guys think?

Source: PhandroidKorea Times.
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samsung galaxy s4
– Exynos 5450 2.0 Ghz (28nm)
– Mali T658
– LPDDR3 2GB Ram
– eMMC Pro Classe 1500
– 16 mp 1080p camera
– 4,5″ display ClorOled (358 ppi)
– battery 3200 mAh
Lte/Lte adv.


I think the next iteration of the Galaxy S will have an A15 chip, maybe a dual core that matches the exynos quad, and a quadcore A15 the year after? I don’t see the exynos quad being done again as the quadcore kraits are due to hit very soon


I’m pretty sure the S3 4G for Aus release has an Exynos SoC with LTE, I’m sure samsung aren’t doing the dodgy like the S2 4G, too many issues


I hope it has onscreen buttons, if it gets any bigger they’ll be alienating even more customers. I think it’s better to reduce bezel, put onscreen buttons and keep it at 4.8″ which means people won’t forgo it too much for a bigger screen and those who wan’t smaller phones may be swayed.


Agreed. They don’t need to go bigger. If they go bigger then what is the Note for? If the Note gets bigger what is the Tab for? If they all get bigger then where is the decent non shit small Samsung phone?


Yeah. I’m calling bulldust on this bit of news.

Buzz Moody

I doubt this as well. There’s no doubting the appearance of new devices at MWC 2013, especially from Samsung – but pushing out a Galaxy S IV would hinder sales of the Galaxy S III. Why would you stop milking something so early?

Weird business move.


don’t think this will happen~~ if samsung wasn’t comfortable with this situation of announcing during MWC and releasing months later with the S2 that they didn’t do it for the S3, why would they want to do it for the S4? If they release it in march, the S3 won’t have reached the end of it’s life-cycle yet~~