You’re a test-subject critter and you need to escape the secret research laboratory!

Planet Muck brings us an action-packed 3D maze chase game, with an overlay of undeniable cute, Critter Escape.

You play the part of the “Test Subject” critter, and you have to escape the secret research laboratory, where you are being detained. The storyline through the levels is engaging, and teamed with great graphics, the game-play is smooth. You have the choice of two types of input, a tap to path, or a virtual joystick. Both are single touch controls, so it can be easily be played on any size phone/tablet.

The levels are easy enough so as not to be frustrating, but challenging enough, so you don’t get bored. Each level requires you to not only escape the room without being caught, but also find the crystal and complete a specific challenge (stealth, speed or clobber) to get that “three star” completion. With over 120 levels, that’s a lot of game time.

This is a great game, as the levels are short and you could easily knock a few over while waiting in queue or on the bus. The game will also appeal to younger kids, with the cute characters and easy controls.

Things that I’d like to see improved with this game is that the virtual joystick has a fixed place on the screen, rather than “wherever you put your finger/thumb and stretch from there”. I’d also like the option to view the entire level layout, as it is now, you’re pretty much flying blind from where you start. It would be nice to help with strategy (especially for the speed challenges).

Available free in the Play store, it’s worth a download!