Last month Adam Ricket wrote an article reviewing the Sony Internet Player with Google TV – the first Google TV device to hit Australian shores. At the time of writing the review, the Internet Player was only available in a package with a brand new Bravia TV, which was a pain if you just wanted to purchase the unit outright!

Well, as of today, the Sony Internet Player with Google TV is now up for individual sale on the Sony Australia website, for the reasonable price of $299, so if you have been after this unit for a while and you have not needed a brand new TV, now is your chance to get in and get one.

Thanks, Adam!

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haha now I’m feeling conflicted. My first reaction was ‘About #@!$in time – *goes to website to order*..

But you guys are right it IS too much for too little. Apple TV is $100 for the same thing effectively (once they enable apps). We do not need / want pass through HDMI in Australia. All I want it an ABC iView app and an SBS on demand app and I’m done.

Dylan Xavier

for the reasonable price of $299
Hmmmmm. we will see about that. 6 months from now when they dont sell very many. Google TV isnt that popular, not many will want to spend $300 on it. when the Logitech revue was priced at $300 we know how many sold.


why the hell 299$! its only 199 overseas which already too much for nothing!