We received a tip this morning that Optus has begun rolling out Android 4.0.4 to its HTC One X devices.

Optus’ Update List still shows 4.0.4 as pending manufacturer deployment at the time of writing.

The big change in 4.0.4 for the One X is the change to how the system handles the Menu button for old apps. Previously, running an old / non-ICS app would result in an ugly onscreen “black bar” menu key. This update instead maps the function into the Recent Apps / Multitasking key so apps can now use the full screen.

HTC’s previous advice on this update also lists these changes:

  • improved tab management in the browser via a dedicated tab switching button
  • enhanced camera capabilities (white balance, continuous autofocus)
  • enhancements to memory, platform stability and the overall browsing experience

Have you received this update? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Nick Wright

Does anyone on here know where I can get a copy of the RUU for this update?? I forgot to save stock recovery before flashing CWM. Thanks in advance.


I have tried all of the below methods for the call/data drop outs and nothing has successfully worked for more than a few hours. I have also switched back to a Moto Razr and/or Sony Xperia S, both Optus provided phones. These have both have not let me down yet!!

If anyone can suggest something, pls do!!



update has been pulled now… optus have changed their status page to say ”
4.0.4: An issue with this release has prompted Optus to request HTC cease deployment until the issue is resolved.”


I have a Australian Blue Tick stock unbranded and unlocked HTC one X s720b but I am still on 4.0.3 using a Vodafone sim but still no notification to update for 4.0.4. How do I get this update?


I am on Virgin, hopefully we get it soon.


Definitely a much improved radio also. When it lost service previously you would get a horribly loud scratchy noise. Now when it fades out it doesn’t get the white noise, just cuts out. Bit nicer on the ears.

Dan Johnson

Ann that’s much better


Not sure that anyone had the problem with the APN for both the Internet and MMS but myself and a mate had the problem after the upgrade this morning. If you do the upgrade and find that you no longer have access to data or the ability to send MMS messages, these steps that an Optus technician sent me will solve your problems. 1.Press Apps 2.Select Settings 3.Select Mobile Network 4.Select Access Point Names 5.Press Menu 6.Tap New APN 7.Set Name to Optus Yes Internet (Virgin subscribers enter Virgin Internet) 8.Ensure APN is yesinternet (Virgin subscribers enter virgininternet) 9.Ensure Proxy… Read more ยป


Thanks! I lost data connectivity after the update (HTC OneX on Virgin Mobile). For me, simply going to “Access Point Names” (step 4.) clicking “Menu” and hitting “reset to default” fixed the problem.

vijay alapati

or u can remove and replace the sim ๐Ÿ™‚

SYD Harry

Still Sense 4.0 ?

Luke Pocock


Luke Pocock

Major update. Never seen the phone run so smooth. There are a few other changes like connecting USB to a PC, you get options for Tethering ect. Use to have to select and press done but now its a simple one click.

So much better to remove the Menu bar at the bottom.

Martin Dolan

You win some, you lose some…
I got an international version because I wanted a grey one, and also no contract.
The good part is no bloatware and I had this update around a month ago.
The bad part is I haven’t had my phone for over a month as it’s getting warranty repair, overseas.
For the week I used this update, it was GREAT to have menu bar gone. Moral there HTC and ofhersis either have fully soft buttons or fully touch strip. Don’t try and do both because you just end up with both at the same time

Myles Harris

PS tweeted you the roll out at about 9pm last night….

Luke Pocock

I downloaded it about 4:30pm yesterday. Just checked for updates at random and bang, it was there

Myles Harris

Yeah same. Had actually just factory reset my phone and there it was.

Jason Murray

Sorry Myles! Email us, tips, not all of us see mentions on twitter.

Myles Harris

Will do. Sorry just a eager new Android user.

Myles Harris

It is beautiful. Has made such a difference. Battery life, with some surfing and a 50 minute phone call, at 2:10pm I have just over half battery. It would have been dead by now. It is very smooth and fast. I rarely get a blip with sense. Camera Autofocus is very welcome. Very happy.


I’m still getting black menu bar under various apps after update.

Luke Pocock

You need to go to setting ->Display Gestures & Buttons and under the Buttons heading, click on Recent Apps Button. Set it to “Press for Recent Apps, press and Hold for Menu” and its gone!

Stone Skull

Or even better, I find switching it the other way makes for a better experience. That is, press it for menu or hold it for recent apps.