The guys over at Android Police have just recieved a invite to an Android event to be held on the 29th of October in New York. Could this be the event that will announce at least one of the new Nexus devices? Well we hope so, after all we have heard a fair bit regarding the LG Nexus. Could this also mean a new version of Android, possibly Key Lime Pie? This is all speculation and we won’t really know until the event arrives, all we can do is keep our eyes open to hints Google might provide leading up to the event.

Source: Android Police.
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Excuse my ignorance, but wasn’t this dismissed as a hoax? This was “leaked” on a fan made Twitter fees I heard. Is that wrong?

Daniel Tyson

This was received by multiple major Android Blogs from Google, so I would say that it’s pretty solid

vijay alapati

Just release HTC nexus 5 before somebody gets hurt real bad 😉


“Playground is open”… feels more like opening up the nexus program to multiple OEMS to provide a stock experience.
Don’t think we will see key lime pie announced, otherwise why would have they just released 4.1.2. Roll all these features into the KLP announcement. If they do, it almost feels like a freight train of updates… (not sure where its heading).


I reckon it’s US Google Play content available in other countries.


I’d take it to mean things like Google music or maybe rather US specific content will be open to most every country – and tho less likely imo it could be to do with open nexus options/timely update for future models of handsets set by Google rather then manufacturers tho Thayer would be a long shot


Yea been waiting for Play Music!!!

Taufiq Khan

“The Playground is open” – focus on an open nexus program? Better Play store?


Yea it could mean that about the Nexus program. 😮

We’ll just have to wait and see……unless there are more leaks before the event. 😛

Christopher Salmon

Judging by “the playground is open” I’d say it’s a 32GB Nexus 7.


I am hoping for more content in the Play Store (esp music), and a 3G Nexus 7 🙂

Eric Burgess

It could also mean that the play store will be open to world and Google music comes to Australia.

Geoff Fieldew

Need some Nexus love. Don’t disappoint me Google!

Fez Spencer

Yeah! Bring it.