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When the Nexus 7 was launched there were two things that many people claimed stopped them from purchasing it, the first being lack of storage and the ability to expand it, the other was the lack of 3G radios inside. We have been seeing the rumour that Google will be announcing a 3G enabled version of the Nexus 7 for a couple of weeks now and The Digital Reader has found the FCC filing for what appears to be the 3G version of the Nexus 7 passing through the FCC in the US.

No mention of the onboard storage capacity of the tablet which is rumoured to be at 32GB, the news of a 3G enabled Nexus 7 will be good news to many, although I imagine among our first commenters there will be some bemoaning the lack of 4G radios. We’re very, very close to an announcement now, I`ll be up and ready to order a Nexus 4 at 1am next Tuesday morning when Google shows us just what is inside this Playground that is open. Anyone going to trade-in their Nexus 7 for a 3G enabled one?

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If it allows me to make and receive calls/SMS/MMS, then I’ll seriously consider getting this ONE device. Why carry a tablet AND a phone when you can use the Tablet to do everything?

If only it had SD/MicroSD. 🙁


I’d consider buying one, even though it’s not 4G.
Having mobile data capability built in, it makes using the cloud anywhere anywhen, on a single device, viable, which is what the original release Nexus 7 devices lacked as they were wifi only.


I wouldn’t get the 3G variant. I’ll either use my phone as a hotspot or think about a Telstra 4G hotspot.


i really think they need to launch atleast a 4G model in the US, not only because of the ipad but all new phones are 4G LTE, not sure about tablets but all phones or at least most smartphones are, unless its only a Sprint version and because they dont have widespread LTE coverage it might not “matter to some” people

Phillip Molly Malone

I might be alone on this, but I am not a fan of mobile internet in a tablet. I guess that the 4G standards are starting to be nut down that you could get that and be happy for a few years but personally I am using my phone as network for my Nexus and it works great. I guess battery life is hurt but thats okay.

Will be interesting the pricing structure. Imagine if it is for the same cost! Doubtful I know.
Just leaves the Rear Camera as the only objection point for some!


I’m with you – a separate mobile connection means an extra monthly fee, or a separate pool of mobile-data to use. And if new technologies arrive – or they drop the power-consumption of 4G you only need to replace one device to take advantage of it.

Brad H

You’re not alone mate. Had a 3G Xoom and I was just paying for wasted data. I sold it and got a Nexus 7 and wouldn’t ever fork out for a 3G model ever again. There’s no point when I got tethering on my S III and have a car charger in my car and a spare AC charger in my car for those moments where I may need it wherever I go.


I’m also with the “why bother putting in 3G (or even 4G)”. My Samsung S3 4G is perfect as a wifi hotspot for the Nexus 7 whenever I need the internet, so why the need for more battery sucking hardware. A micro SD card slot would be nice though…