I was just searching through the LG website and found that the LGE960 has now got a placeholder page on their site, whilst it has no manual or information yet it does have a warranty information section which points to the phone being available for purchase via the Google Play Store or Telco’s.

Whilst the LG E960 has been pretty much accepted as the Nexus 4, the reference to purchase via the Play Store pretty much confirms the LG E960 as the Nexus 4 as far as I`m concerned, there is also a link to the Specific Absorbtion Rate Information page which has the SAR info which lists the LG E960 as meeting the guidelines for exposure to radio waves :

Well, now we just have to wait and see if any more information is added to the page.

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The warranty info disturbs me. When we buy stuff from play store there is usually gst applied (at least it was on the nexus 7).. Which in my book means that an aussie warranty should apply… But then the wording of the warranty info there says to me that LG Australia are not providing warranty service for those phones purchased from the play store.. Hope that is not the case and I am being paranoid…
I will buy it from the play store regardless, before the telcos have had a chance to add their margin to the price! ..


Google provides the warranty for items on the play store. I had a dead-on-arrival Nexus 7 from the Play store and it was Google who managed the replacement.

In general the law says the customer should take it to the retailer – in this case Google. LG will still provide the replacement units, but you won’t deal with them.


I have my credit card ready to go!!!!


Same. Can’t wait.


Mine is ready as long as it doesnt have 8gb of storage.

what time can we expect it to be announced local time? Im assuming its at Mountain View so California time?

Daniel Tyson

The event is scheduled for 10am 29th October in New York which equates to :
1am – 30/10 – Sydney/Victoria
12:30am – 30/10 – Adelaide
10PM – 29/10 – Perth
It will be streamed on http://www.youtube.com/android hope to see you all there.


Nice find