There’s a bit of a mixed bag this week regarding Telstra’s Android handset OTA updates.

Good news for Samsung Galaxy S III owners, as the Android Jelly Bean 4.1 update is progressing ahead of schedule. Telstra were expected to sign off on approval today and deployment of the update is expected within 10 business days (as we reported on Thursday).

Those still running the Samsung Galaxy S II 4G will be less pleased to hear the Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 update has been delayed yet again, due to “failing Google certification”. Telstra has now changed the status of this update to “TBC”, which is beginning to look like “Not Going To Happen”.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android Jelly Bean 4.1 update has also been delayed once again by Samsung, so Telstra are stuck waiting on them before being able to proceed any further.

On the HTC front, there has been a slight delay with the Android jelly Bean 4.1 update for the HTC One XL and HTC One S, but they still anticipate both devices will receive the update before the end of the year.

Source: Telstra (Crowd Support).
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So its December 13th and still no jelly bean update for galaxy S3 telstra needs to get a move on… Where is the update? Makes men want to go back to Iphone

dan schell

any idea when ics for experia u ? besst prepaid ph yet except non expandable


God. Dammit. So sick of this waiting for ICS on the SII 4G.

I’m glad the Nexus 4 will be available in the next couple of days!

Steven Hambleton

I thought the S3 came with Jelly Bean from new now? Why do we need to wait if it’s already available?

I still don’t get the waiting game with Android. Surely there are standards at play here? Can someone explain what exactly they’re testing? Will something bring down the entire telecoms network if it’s not tested?


Apple did one thing right with iOS. No carrier customization.
Why didn’t Google want to do the same thing? That’s the only point against Android to me.


As much as I hate it, Android wouldn’t be where it is today if manufacturers and carriers didn’t have the ability to modify it to their liking.
Manufacturers wouldn’t have been attracted to android if they can’t modify it, carriers wouldn’t have been as motivated to market stuff if they can get extra benefits as well.

Van Vincent Casipong

Google already did this 4 years ago. It’s called the NEXUS


Wow GNex still running ICS four months after JB release? Slowpoke.

Agreed with Hellstra, carriers are killing the Android experience.


Geez Telstra is sh*t.
Quit blamming the manufacturer when the rest of the world is getting the updates. Do you think that because you call yor 850MHz net work Next G you are any different than the rest. Balls up and just ditch ypur bloatware.
Yes I know your My Telstra app is sh*t, crashes and is likely the reason for your delay.


I hit my data limit the other day on my telstra GS3 and had a look at what apps where using the most data – Telstra One and Telstra 24×7 were #1 and #3 both using over 50mb despite me not downloading any apps or really using either of them. So we are left waiting for telstra to put these useless apps on the software updates. Carriers are ruining the entire point of Android.


Just to throw it out there, if you’re a telstra customer then all those services are unmetered….