Those of you who own a generic quad-core HTC One X can look forward to finally receiving an official Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean update. HTC have begun pushing the update out over the air in a number of countries, including India, Argentina, UK, Russia, and Brazil. Other countries are sure to follow soon.

The update consists of an initial 1.6MB download and then the main update will appear, weighing in at 364.54MB. The guys over at XDA have created a tracker thread in order to track the OTA as it rolls out across the globe.

Of the main Australian carriers who sell this device, Vodafone and Optus are apparently still carrying out internal testing of the update, but say it will be available in December. Virgin have no specific details listed on their website.

Those of you with the dual-core HTC One XL on Telstra can expect to receive this update sometime before the end of the year, as posted previously.

Source: XDA-Developers.
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Mike C

happening on a Virgin One X as we speak, Friday 18/01/13 🙂


It is not yet rolling in the UK.

Martin Dolan

just installed it, and it’s very nice. Only bummer is the loss of the. People 1×4 widget..
The offline voice input is mind blowing.. However if only I knew the backspace or delete voice command… “period” does a full stop, “comma” does exactly that, and guess what “smiley face” does 🙂
Fully sick hehe

David Watt

lol…sorry, can’t help you there 😛 I haven’t tried it to be honest.


That’s good news