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Back in October, we covered a new version of Google’s Gmail app that includes the popular “pinch to zoom” feature. At that point the apk was merely a leak pulled from an unreleased Nexus dump.

As of today, the app, sitting at version 4.2.1, is now officially available on Google Play Store for all devices running Ice Cream Sandwich or later.

Aside from the pinch to zoom, one of the other main additions to the app is the “swipe to delete / archive” feature. Just as it says, in order to archive a message from your inbox, simply swipe it to the left or right. If you’re happy to delete messages directly from your inbox, this option can be changed in the app settings.

The last of the major updates is an overall improvement to in-app image viewing. Images are larger and a new gallery view makes viewing multiple images much more user friendly.

The main list of changes reads as:

  • Auto-fit messages and pinch to zoom
  • Swipe to delete / swipe to archive
  • Ability to attach videos from the Gmail app
  • Larger photo previews and a new gallery view for emails containing multiple image attachments

For those still running Android 2.2+ this app will bring performance improvements, but not of course the new features listed above.

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Source: Google G+Android Police.
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    about bloody freaking time they have this update…….


    Hrmn, I have 4.2.1 installed and cannot pinch to zoom? I’m running stock (4.04) samsung ICS on a Galaxy note. Any ideas?


    You need to enable it in settings.


    Gah, you need to to turn on “Auto Shrink” to enable pinch to zoom? Gah. Thought that’d be enabled by default… heck of a lot of people wont even know its there, that’s a bit of fail imho. Thanks for letting me know 🙂

    James Bryant

    this is a really really nice update to Gmail – it’s actually probably an app that Google can be proud of now… looks great on tablets etc