Australian developer Chris Lacy has released his new launcher, Action Launcher, to the Google Play store. Ausdroid took an early look at Action Launcher in October.

Action Launcher reimagines the Android homescreen and app drawer, and provides a number of improvements and enhancements while remaining faithful to Android’s design guidelines.

The main draw is the slide-in App List on the left of the screen, providing quick access to all your installed apps and aiming to get you to the app you want within 1 second. It’s a distinctive feature, which I find reminiscent of Windows Phone 7’s full app list – not a bad thing. Action Launcher also introduces Covers, a new spin on homescreen folders which launches an app on a single tap, but opens the folder as usual on a double tap.

Homescreens are arranged left-to-right. You can configure the number of homescreens in use, and a long tap on the homescreen brings up some customization options allowing you to add apps and widgets to the homescreen and set up wallpapers.

You can buy Action Launcher in its Pro form from Google Play. The app costs $3.99.

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Source: Action Launcher Pro (Google Play).
Via: Chris Lacy (Twitter).
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    Chris, missing info in your write-up of this launcher.
    Minimum Android version for this launcher is ICS.


    anyone that used Tweet Lanes before Twitter screwed it all up knows that Chris is a fantastic app developer. There are some really really well thought out and implemented features in this launcher! It’s amazing when I first heard about TweetLanes I thought “Just what we need, another twitter client” (thought with a sarcastic tone!) but when I actually used it, I was impressed and said “I really do need this twitter client!!” It wouldn’t surprise me if this launcher ended up being similar, many people thinking “just what we need, another launcher…” but after using it, realising that there… Read more ยป

    vijay alapati

    Too pricey for a launcher which has only few extra features, wonder if its going to be sold well :0

    David Watt

    This looks great. Gonna buy it and give it a try! Always happy to support Aussie developers too ๐Ÿ˜‰

    David Watt

    Well I tried it. What is currently in there is fantastic! Very smooth, and well thought out features. But I run a custom DPI on my launchers (240), and this launcher doesn’t have custom number of rows or columns so the launcher is useless at lower DPI. Also found swiping between home screen very intermittent and didn’t always work. (Possibly due to custom DPI?). I also really dislike the action bar at the top but there’s no way to hide or remove it. I’ve refunded the app for now and will try after further development.


    Great to see it finished.. Might have to give it a whirl

    Classic , having Andy and Matias on speed dial

    Jason Murray

    Glad I’m not the only one who noticed the people on speed dial ๐Ÿ™‚