This time last year we reported on the news that Sony Xperia owners were eligible for 50GB of free cloud storage for life from This offer was due to close at the end of 2012, but Sony Mobile have just announced that the free 50GB offer will now remain until the end of 2013.

This offer is open to all Xperia smartphones (except the X10 and X10 Mini Pro) and Sony tablet owners. In order to claim your free 50GB of cloud storage, you simply need to download the Box app and activate your Box account on your Xperia device before 31st December 2013.

While the deal has an end date, of course the 50GB of storage will be yours free for life.

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Source: Sony Mobile Blog.
Via: Twitter.
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David Anderton

Sony have also just overtaken htc in android handset sales, which doesn’t suprise me considering HTC’s recent lack of software updates.

Sean Royce

Wonder if anyone can do it like with the Galaxy SIII? I remember not even owning a galaxy and I claimed my free 50GB of cloud storage with dropbox.