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Telstra today announced on their community forum something that many HTC One XL owners have been painfully waiting for. The Jelly Bean update was approved earlier today (Monday 24th December). Deployment is also scheduled to begin today at 4PM, so keep checking your phone for an update, or use our forced OTA update guide.

Other countries have already seen the update rolled out. Containing Jelly Bean 4.1.1 and HTC’s Sense 4+, it weighs in around 650MB, so it’s strongly advisable to download the update on Wifi.

Update: The One XL OTA update will actually begin pushing out at 9PM is rolling out as we speak.


Telstra also posted an update on another of their handsets. In what is quickly becoming comical, or a farce, depending on which way you see it, Telstra have once again delayed the Samsung Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean update due to a “new and potentially serious” issue being discovered. Further investigations into the issue are on hold until the new year, so don’t expect to hear any more on the update until mid-January.

Source: Telstra (Crowd Support).
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Michael Schulze

After downloading the latest 600+mb update, my Wi-Fi connection doesnt work. The phone and WiFi acknowledge each other but actual gateway into internet doesn’t. Any suggestions how to fix?


BE WARNED. Updating your phone to this version will remove its ability to connect to your computer as a USB mass storage device.


I FOUND THIS OUT! What the! Is there any way to get around this?


HTC one xl . WiFi wasn’t working after update.. Had to click on forget WiFi address and log in again from great now .Telstra update


My HTC One XL installed this update last night – all works fine EXCEPT there is no longer an option to chnage connection to HTC Sync when I plug the USB cabel in. ANyone else got this problem and how to fix it?

Stephen Anderson

My Update seems to have removed HTC Sync. Not sure how or why. The rest of the apps seem to be OK.


Hey i have the ONE XL and i got it from Mobi City…no jelly bean update for me…any idea how to get it?


I’m in the same boat,been checking all the websites I know about and actually emailed HTC in Hong Kong,which is the CID location for my phone. No reply as yet and no answers from anyone on any of the discussion sites I’ve asked on,including the One xl Jellybean update discussion page on Telstra. Maybe we’ll get some better jellybeans if we have to wait a little longer? 🙂


Jelly bean is awesome on my One XL

Chris Ede

Has anyone got a One XL running Jelly Bean, and OS X? I can’t mount the phone/browse the file storage anymore.. just mounts with a link to HTC Sync Manager, which is next to useless.


I’m having a similar problem with my One X and Windows Vista. Am going to have to use wireless instead …


My wifi is broken after the update. Any ideas on how to fix.

Sean Hatton

Loving the new update on my One XL. The SMSs are much clearer, the battery life is seriously improved and Google Now is great/scary.

HTC Lover

yep my wifi is stuffed now after this update!! Any fix yet?


It’s good to see people with Telstra HTC One XL’s getting jellybean. I have a Hong Kong(ala Mobicity) version and no update has been seen. I can’t find any reference online about it’s availabilty. CID is HTC 622. Can anyone enlighten me about its availabilty? The one XL is brilliant with v 4.04 but I have been told that my battery life and several other functions I use will improve with 4.1. Hope everyone had a great christmas!

Sean Royce

Ridiculous that the nexus device as again be delayed when their needn’t be testing as it’s running Vanilla Android. Pathetic on Telstra’s part.


My update went fine but my wifi is now broken! Internet doesn’t work in any app! My phone also wanted to sync all night and murdered the battery. Fail.


Same problem here, internet fine, but no internet with wifi, which means I’ll go over my monthly limit. The Telstra shop tell me that HTC are aware of the problem and an update to fix is a couple of weeks away. Also my calander app no longer works. When I sync it appears to work but doesn’t sync with Google. It still works fine on my iPad so the problem must be with the Jelly Bean update on my HTC One XL


This Whirlpool page is helpful:

I fixed my wifi: In the advanced wifi settings, at the bottom is an option “DLNA- auto IP” that was on by default – turning it off fixed the problem for me

I fixed the Calendar by clearing the Calendar cache


Cheers this fixed my wifi issue as well after the jb update

Michael Schulze

Thanks Simon – your suggestion worked for me too. You’re a genius. If only I found your suggestion earlier. I just returned from a Telstra shop after being F…..d around for 2 hours. They wanted me to send my phone away for repair and I had to beg for a loan phone. Lucky I brought it back home first to download everything so I had a copy of everything to reload into the phone when it / if came back in 7-10 days. Thanks again.


First present of the day! Looks like it’s going to be a good Christmas. Thanks!


Excellent update, everything works 100%. Slight changes to keyboard which I think is an improvement. Snappy UI, Google now is great. No negatives so far, will see how battery life goes. Jellybean before the Nexus, trollolol


Also, 6342 on quadrant now

David Jones

The best thing I did was learn how to use the galaxy nexus toolkit to load the standard google international GSM firmware on to my Galaxy Nexus devices. They worked perfectly after going to 4.1.1 and then 4.2.1

Mark Smith

My Gnex runs fine on Telstra with 4.2.1 I’m glad I didn’t buy it through them


Exactly, glad i am reliant on Telstra for this update.
But, as always, i would love to know what these “potentially serious” issues are??
Also, i would love to know how Google Stock is different to the Telstra version, with regards to their testing and checks.. what am i really missing out on and what are they providing.


Word of warning after the update I am unable to use any apps nothing will load and it keeps trying to sync.

David Watt

Sounds like a bad flash. I’ve read many reports of the update going through ok.

Amit Govind

the one x JB update is now available….i’m downloading as we speak


I was never not going to, but I’m so glad I’ve been on a custom ROM on my Galaxy Nexus since a couple of days after I signed up at Telstra. What a joke.


They really need to drop ‘Nexus’ from that handsets name