It was hinted earlier on that Kogan were going to finally enter the phone game with their own Android powered Agora handset and now that is a reality. Starting today you can pre-order the 5-inch Kogan Agora smartphone from Kogan with shipping to begin next month.

Taking it’s industrial design cues from Samsung’s Galaxy Note, the Agora packs a relatively low to mid-range kinda punch but with some nice exceptions with it’s 1GHz Dual-Core Cortex-A9 processor, 512MB RAM, 2000mAh battery, 5-inch 800×480 screen, 5MP camera, Dual Sim (one 2G and the other is 3G) and it’s 4GB of onboard storage with microSD expansion of up to 64GB 32GB, all running on top of Android 4.0.4 ICS, the thing that makes up for all this…. it’s price, $149 unlocked and outright. Yep $149!!!! Killer huh?

So anyway head on over to the Kogan site and pre-order this little beast if you’re interested in what looks to be a decent handset at a awesome price and hit up Engadget’s post for all the pics and a hands on.

Editor’s Note: Does anyone remember when Kogan first entered the mobile phone arena, promising to bring a sub $200 Android phone to market at the end of 2008? It turned out to be vapourware, but my how the times have changed. -Ed.

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    There is a demographic for whom this is plenty enough.
    Tech obsessed fanbois, please avert your gaze..


    yes, if it was reliable, but most of this oem junk konks out within a week…


    More yum cha OEM junk that Kogan has slapped his name on and claiming to be some white knight looking after consumers, fighting against the evil manufacturers. These kind of crap products give android a bad name amongst non tech savvy consumers.

    Also, the terrible service my friend has received from this company recently, I’d not buy a thing from them, ever.


    We need source code so that the open source community can get behind this phone to build up-to-date custom roms, if it’s to take off.


    Im gettting one for my father


    has he fixed the weight in the details? ‘590g’

    Derek Bogaert

    Does anyone remember that Kogan offered

    Martin Leonard

    Running ICS – maybe for one of the kids at that price but if it’s not running Jelly Bean can’t see them taking the trouble to keep it up to date.

    Paul Lambert

    Lawsuit from Samsung anyone?


    512MB RAM will have you throwing at the wall within a few months 768 is barely sufficient


    I found 1gb on my S3 frustrating. Android + Touchwiz is bloated as hell. Always running out of ram.

    I swapped to a 4g version with 2gb and its like a totally different phone.. this is how it should be.


    agreed. 2010 was a long time ago.

    Michael Neuling

    You can find almost identical devices on dx.com for the same price. Like http://dx.com/p/a9230-android-4-0-wcdma-3g-smartphone-w-5-0-capacitive-gps-wi-fi-and-dual-sim-black-143969

    Avon Perera

    Those specs are pretty much identical


    that appears to be just what kogan have done, only they used the ‘order more than 3 and save!’ option.