Samsung Unpacked 2013
Samsung continues to tease us, releasing a new video overnight for their Samsung Unpacked event. Last time we saw Jeremy, he was entrusted with the biggest job of his life – guarding a box which apparently contains the secret product from the Samsung Unpacked event.

From watching the video it appears that Jeremy still can’t keep his hands to himself and continues to open the box — What’s in the box?. He does let us know that whatever is in there comes in his favourite colour. From the end of the video with Jeremy looking ready to get dressed for an important event it appears we will most likely see Jeremy on-stage.

Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts in the comments

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So it’s coming in colours then.
“It’s my favourite colour”


Or just black and white since hes saying it while holding the oreo.


Doesn’t make sense though, but it’s Samsung. They hired another kid. It isn’t supposed to be logical.


Watch the video again and see what colours are dominant in the room when says ‘my favourite colour’.


Black/Grey, White, Red and Blue. But still, I can dream can’t I?


Let’s dream together :p


I am surprised at how lame this is. You know it is bad when you are only continue to watch something to see if it actually gets more horrible. Then you know it is really really bad when it does get more horrible. This reaks of a CEO who is attempting to make their son famous by putting him in a “huge” commercial.

I wont be continuing this story…


No one cares about the kid, we’re all curious to see what’s in the box.

Graham Bae

Cue cringe-worthy GSIV announcement with this kid on stage

Graham Bae

Cue cringeworthy GSIV announcement with this kid acting poorly on stage


I think it’s a great video and marketing strategy. Something out of the norm? Still will be keeping my Nexus 4 I think.


What happened to Samsung’s amazing marketing?

Are they targeting 9 year olds now?