Tangerine Glass
If you’re really desperate to get your hands on Google Glass then you can try your luck with this auction over on eBay where a Russian user has put up a pair of Google Glass – Tangerine for sale.

Bids on the auction are currently at US$8,201.00 with 36 people having bid on the device. The seller Iozterika, has a 100% positive feedback rating, however the only thing I can see the seller has sold previously is some tea. There is a pic of a rather dodgy looking box with the sellers username handwritten on a piece of paper next to it as well as a pic supposedly of the seller wearing Glass, the dodgy looking box is said to be due to being handled poorly during transit.

I think we can count on Google shutting this one down shortly, however if not the Auction ends in just over 2 days time. If you want to risk your money there are PayPal and Bill Me Later payment options.

With bids at this level, the demand for the Google Glass product is fairly obvious, it certainly gets the imagination going for people who have heard about it. I’m not quite willing to part with $8,000 for Glass just yet, especially with a release expected by the end of this year.

Would you pay $8000 for Google Glass? What would you pay to get your hands on Google Glass now?

Source: eBay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Google-Glass-Tangerine-Project-Glass-/230941484752?pt=US_Sunglasses&hash=item35c52f66d0.
Via: Phandroid.
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Michael Neuling

Gone… “Item 230941484752 is no longer available.”