SGS IV China
With just over 3 days to go till the New York announcement which should see the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S IV, it appears that a phone purported to be the new handset has been leaked onto a Chinese forum. With a model number of the GT-I9502 the phone has been shown off from all angles and at first looks appears to be fairly legitimate – as far as these things go – showing a physical home key and a capactative key either side.

The photos also show a leaked screenshot of Antutu running which gives away some key information regarding specs on the phone. If the screenshots are to be believed the phone will be running an Exynos 5410 CPU (Octa) clocked at 1.8GHz with a PowerVR SGX 544MP GPU pusing a 1080p display, it will come with 2GB of RAM and a 12.8MP Camera(4128×3096) all running Touchwiz OS on Android 4.2.1

Hardware wise from the photos you can see a White and Black variants, with a patterned ingrained into the plastic. The originating website speaks of this GT-I9502 being a ‘dual card’ version with the single card version being the GT-I9500 most likely relating to a Dual-SIM variant for China.

With the launch only days away this is the first ‘leak’ we’ve seen so far after the launch of the Galaxy S III was plagued with leaks of the phone’s internals disguised in generic blank boxes. Only time will tell if this, is the Galaxy S IV. Tune in with us on Friday at 10am Eastern time to see the entire Samsung announcement on their YouTube channel.

Source: 52Samsung.
Via: SammyHub.
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Sean Royce

Stop complaining guys, It’ll still sell millions and it’s definitely going to be a step up from the S3, why doesn’t Apple get this sort of negative feedback when they release the most menial of upgrades?


I don’t know what news you guys read (Android exclusive)? But the general consensus amongst every single tech blog (even Apple evangelists like Gruber and Scoble) is that Apple desperately needs to make big changes and what they’re doing now isn’t enough.


I yawned so hard I hurt myself


Pretty sure that IMEI is a generic IMEI number…
As a owner of a 4G S3, who would gladly upgrade to the S4 in a heartbeat, paying out my MRO with Telstra and then selling the S3 for more than the MRO cost – thus upgrading for free, I will be disappointed if it looks like this… Or gets too large…


If you check the imei number in the photo on you’ll see that it’s fake. It’s an imei number of an iPhone 4.

Also, the front facing camera isn’t properly aligned and the opening looks too small. You can also see that it’s an aluminium frame from the side. In some photos it looks like the frame is much smaller than it really is.

Let’s hope it’s a Chinese knock off and that Samsung can come up with something better than that.


I don’t think it would be, remember the GS3 leaks???
Alot will complain if it looks the same as the GS3 which it might . But no one complains when apple releases the same looking phone every year? LOL


Obviously you don’t remember the online shitstorm that was the iPhone 4S keynote. No-one gets away with warmed-over designs, not even Apple. If this is the S IV, I’m disappointed.

Ex apple user

Agreed! It was the whole 4s shitstorm that turned many away from apple including myself,however I’m thankful and will never look back.I have owned a s2 and s3 both great phones in their own right but I was hoping sammi would go a little more “premium” with the build….at this stage I’m kind of glad that I brought my Xperia Z

Lucas Meyer

looks like a note 2 to me, if it does look like this, i wont be getting it. might head back to sony

Daniel McAnally

Glad I ditched my s3 for a nexus 4. Dat home and menu button is so ginger bread. Reason why I would recommend a Sony or even a HTC over a Samsung for general user friendlynes.


To be honest, that’s EXTREMELY ugly.

The glossy plastic on the back again? C’mon. How does this compete with the HTC One or Xperia Z in terms of design?

I’ll check it out, but they really need a better design. I didn’t like the S3 and this doesn’t look much better.

Xperia Z, HTC One, BlackBerry Z10, iPhone 5, Lumia 920……all of them look better than this.

Really disappointing imo.

Peter Graham

Come on .. that is so obviously a note 2 .. sooo fake.. so many people out for cheap easy hits on there websites. Fake fake fake.


You’ll be surprised in 3 days :p

I doubt it’s fake, I’m not looking for anything exciting from Samsung anyway. So I’m setting my expectations real low.


Wheres the sign of an S-Pen?


It’s the real deal and I’m quite disappointed to be honest.