Tech news site Sidhtech is is reporting on rumours that a new model of the Nexus 4 will be announced next month at Google I/O. The rumoured device would have two critical upgrades, addressing criticism of the existing models: 32 GB storage and functioning LTE, running Android 5.0.

Nexus 4 buyer’s remorse?

As rumours go, this is a great one. It tickles the right spots and is just believable enough that you could report it as “news” and get away with it. It’s about 6 months since the Nexus 4 was launched, and Eric Schmidt’s appearance at Dive Into Mobile this week included an interesting quote:

“The mobile industry is on a six-month cycle.”

Criticism of the Nexus 4’s limited onboard storage started seconds after the device was announced in 8 and 16 GB models back in October. It also famously shipped with 3G support, although dormant LTE capability (usable in some markets) was soon discovered and only disabled in Android 4.2.2. I’ve been running out of storage space on my own Nexus 4, and starting to look jealously at everyone holding LTE-capable devices around me.

What makes this rumour tantalisingly good is the armchair speculation that can underpin it – upgrading the storage capacity and activating the already-present LTE wouldn’t require a massive redesign.

It also echoes Google’s Nexus 7 playbook almost to-the-letter – announce a cheap, comparatively under-specced device (max 16 GB storage, no cellular connectivity), and then address those criticisms 6 months later.

You can almost see how someone confused this information originally, calling it the Nexus 5 — after all, it’s an upgraded Nexus 4, it’s running Android 5, it’s the new Nexus phone (and it can’t be called the Nexus 4 again … can it?).

Of course, we won’t know for sure whether this rumour has legs until Google I/O takes place. Like you, we’ll be watching closely. And hoping.

Would you buy such an upgraded Nexus 4? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Sidhtech.
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Sujay Vilash

gInc could call it Nexus 4S 🙂


32gb with LTE would be enough to upgrade from my 16gb Nexus 4.

Though, if they could squeeze in a bigger battery, that would also be appreciated. 4G can kill battery pretty quickly, so a larger battery capacity would be great.

Anthony Jackson

If they do I think it be called nexus 4 32GB 4G

Elliot Kotis

And it would be called Nexus 4 LTE or Nexus 4G, or Nexus 4 32GB (just Nexus 4).

Elliot Kotis

Plus Eric is wrong, no OEM produces a phone every 6 months (apart from toolsung), not even Apple do.

Obvious Troll is Obvious

What about HTC?

Elliot Kotis

There will be a 32GB storage, but didnt Google say they wanted only one version of the device (aka LTE or no LTE not both).


Nexus 4S? awks…. well I guess it worked for Apple!

Taufiq Khan

The Nexus 4 is still pretty sexy at the launch price point. However, if I were to make changes…
1. Less fragile
2. Bigger battery
3. Better camera sensor

Brad H

I only bought mine two weeks ago. ;(

Sean Royce

You’ll still get heaps of updates mate. It’s still a fantastic phone.


If they do this, I’ll certainly know never to buy the first round of Nexus devices. Just wait 6 months and get better antenna, doubled storage and design tweaks like those new rubber nipples to stop sliding.


Makes sense given Schmidt’s remarks and the upcoming IO. Whether devices are historically launched at IO or not times have changed and people want and expect a device to be released. What will they call it? Nexus 4s? 😉


I’m holding off from the N4 till I/O exactly because LTE send such an obvious half-term upgrade, for a service who’s sibling had it.

James Finnigan

Yep, good work Google. Although considering that they did exactly the same thing with the Nexus 7, it shouldn’t be surprising. If this does turn out to be true though, I may just buy one.

Sean Royce

Same. I’m hoping snap dragon 800 and 1080p but I’m quite doubtful.

James Finnigan

I don’t imagine they’ll completely overhaul it – it’ll be the same device, but with more storage and possibly with an LTE antenna. Much like the mid-life N7 was the same device but with extra storage and 3G.

Sean Royce

True, I just fucked up my S3 trying to replace the screen, touch isn’t too responsive and some scratches on the AMOLED display, not to mention my capacitive buttons don’t work either so looks like I’ll need an upgrade.

James Finnigan

That sucks, dude. I dropped my Nexus 7 the other day, and smashed the screen. I want to replace it myself, but I don’t want to end up making it worse.

The Nexus 4 is a pretty amazing phone as it is though. If you need a replacement, I’d suggest it.

Sean Royce

Yeah, I’m definitely not getting the Nexus 4 now though, 6 months in and it should have had a SD 600 IMO. I would rather wait and see if an upgrade is coming, and I want fast updates! Plus nexus phones are extremely fast.

Chris Spencer

And…I will wait for more storage,LTe and a larger screen…say 5 inches at least..til then, my nexus 4 is fine I reckon..

Chris Spencer

Oops,..typo.. “seconds after the device was announced in 16 and 32 GB models back in October” I wish I had a 32… I have a 16..:-)

Jason Murray

Thanks, fixed that now. I really shouldn’t post while half asleep. 🙂

Chris Spencer

Nice work mate. Great article regardless of your nocturnal state 😉