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Good news for people out there who have multiple devices capable of using SIM cards, the days of handling multiple accounts could soon be over. Telstra has announced that in the coming months they will be adding data sharing plans to their range of plans.

The post on the Telstra Exchange blogs lists all the details available at the moment :

You may have read today about some new plans we will be launching in the coming months, which will let you share your data across a number of mobile devices (such as your smartphone, tablet or Mobile WiFi).

We believe these plans will be perfect for people who want to streamline and make the most of the data they pay for, without complication.

These will be a brand new set of plans for Telstra and we hope to share more information with you on them in the next few months.

It will definitely be interesting to see how this is managed by Telstra. In the US carriers such as Verizon have a per device fee on top of the shared data plans, with the end result being that it often works out cheaper to remain on your current plans. It will also be interesting to see if the other mobile operators will follow suit offering this type of plan.

Are you interested in shared data plans for multiple devices?

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No. It’s called a WiFi hotspot and a phone data plan. Use it and there’s no need for any of this complicated plan crap which I’m sure they’ll charge out the arse for because well, this is Telstra we’re talking about here.

Peter Parkinson

I was told this will be released in October….


Why should they be new plans ? I have 3 devices on the one account, totalling 5Gb of data – why shouldn’t I be able to pool that data NOW.

And what happened about their promise to shape data on mobiles after you hit your limit ?

Duncan Jaffrey

I’ve been asking for this since the xoom was released let’s hope they don’t do the normal thing and price it out of reasonable adoption

Taufiq Khan

Interesting. I remember when “shared caps” were all the rage. Comeback?


Hope the pricing is sane, as it would make replacing my Telstra T-Touch Tab with a separate phone and NextG capable tablet, a viable option.


Depends how they do it. If they offer you the option of picking up another SIM card that uses data from the pool you’re already paying for, this could be awesome as I only use about 1/3 of my monthly quota. If (this is more likely), they follow the US carriers and charge a premium, it will simply be cheaper to pick up another data plan.


Don’t be so quick to despair, remember that in the US they also hit you for tethering. We’ve never had that burden so there is reason to be optimistic, if telstra can sell you a bigger bucket of bits they win in the long run.

Dylan Xavier

Finally. hopefully Voda n optus follow

Cameron Harvey

Good move! Much like the old Crazy John’s data which worked very very well.